First Sunday in Lent

So … I got home from my Toronto trip around 12:am, having rented a car in Chicago because my flight from Toronto was delayed three hours and we landed at O’Hare about the same time my ride to Springfield was pushing back from the gate. I am always cognizant of the fact that, while a Sunday parish visitation is routine for me, it’s always a big deal for the parish … a once-a-year big deal, so I’m pretty much committed to moving heaven and earth to make sure it happens.

Dropped the rental vehicle off at SPI this morning, which is handily right on the route to Pekin, where I celebrated the First Sunday in Lent with the people of St Paul’s Church, including the Great Litany sung in procession, one of my favorite things to do. Particularly enjoyed getting to spend some time with Bishop Donald Parsons (ret. of Quincy), who is a regular communicant at St Paul’s.

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