First Sunday after the Epiphany: Baptism of Christ

Woke up at the Hampton Inn in Lincoln, glad that I had made the trip up there last night. Out the door at 0645, headed from Trinity Church. Presided and preached at their regular 0730 liturgy. Took the time between services for some solid catechetical time with four adult confirmands, and some eavesdroppers. Such occasions pretty much hit the bullseye of what makes me feel like a bishop. Presided, preached, and confirmed at the 0945 Mass, Mad a cameo at coffee hour, then headed to the only Chinese restaurant in Lincoln for lunch with the rector, the senior warden, and two potential postulants for ordination and their families. Got home around 1400, while the precipitation was still liquid. Worked with Brenda to put take down the Christmas tree and stow the ornaments. Around dinnertime, as we were headed out to the grocery store to pick up something to eat, I noticed that the driveway looked shiny, and decided to take a closer look before driving on it (it’s on a fairly steep slope). It was black ice, and I hit the deck hard. My left wrist looks to be the casualty. I’ll reassess both it and the driving conditions in the morning, then probably get it looked at. Ibuprofen was swallowed and ice applied promptly. We’ll see.

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