Final Peru Update

From Sandy Moore, who, along with her husband, Fr Mark Evans, has been representing the Diocese of Springfield in our companion diocese of Peru.

We are safely home from Peru. We are tired, but enthusiastic and excited about the possibilities for a companionship between their diocese and ours.

On Thursday we traveled back to Lima from Arequipa. We had dinner in Lima and planned our final day. On Friday morning we went to the Diocesan Office for Holy Eucharist followed by a clergy meeting. Both Bishop Godfrey and Suffragan Bishop Chapman were there, along with a number of clergy from the Lima region.  The Regional Vicar of Arequipa, Fr. Daniel Rodriguez, our host for our time in Arequipa, was also in attendance. Although the meeting was in Spanish, the somber tone was familiar, as a lengthy discussion about monetary resources and parish quotas to the diocese were discussed. A second lively discussion dealt with the Anglican identity, as many of the Peruvian Clergy come from charismatic, evangelical and Roman Catholic backgrounds. Bishop Godfrey’s vision is to embrace all three as he explains on the Diocesan website:

After lunch with Mrs. Judith Godfrey and Bishop Chapman, we returned to the Cathedral rectory to prepare for our departure. We were able to acquire a selection of handmade crafts made by some of the Diocesan ministries such as:  The prison ministry in the Women’s Prison in Chorrillos, which organizes handicraft work and provides for mothers who give birth in the prison and their babies,  the Shalom Centre for physically and mentally handicapped children and young adults, and the Threads of Hope program that assists the economically oppressed to establish home enterprises that will provide an income to help meet their physical, educational and spiritual needs. We have literature about these programs, and products for sale that will be available at the Synod in October. We were also able to spend some time talking with a medical missionary in Lima who described the challenges and rewards of his work in Peru.

The people we met, and those with whom we renewed our acquaintance, again demonstrated to us that the Holy Spirit is flourishing in this area. These dedicated folks, both clergy and lay, are able to do so much with so little and to do joyfully. To see the love of Christ manifested in this group is astonishing and humbling. There is so much that we can give to each other.

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  • june r mconald May 19, 2015, 3:41 pm

    Please keep me updated on our diocesan connections with our family of faithful in Peru/ The diocesan paper gives me only a little information on how our parish St. Paul’s Carlinville may actively support the work of the Holy Spirit in Peru. I would like to see us more other-oriented.
    Side note–I am an intermediate speaker of Spanish with a heart for Latin American people and their physical and spiritual growth and well-being and thriving.
    In Christ– June McD

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