Eve of All Hallows

  • Usual morning routine; Morning Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Last minute consultation with Sue before she published my 2013 visitation calendar. Of course, it has already been tweaked several times as parish clergy have called in with requested and suggested changes.
  • Made a condolence phone call to a cleric who has had a recent death in the family.
  • Wrote my greetings to clergy and spouses who have birthdays and other milestone anniversaries in November.
  • Met with a priest who is canonically resident in the Diocese of Chicago but physically resident in the Diocese of Springfield. We discussed possibilities for deploying him in this diocese.
  • Lunch from Hickory River (chopped brisket), eaten at home.
  • Participated in a conference call with a group of bishops who face the same emerging challenge. 
  • Took care of some routine maintenance personal organization chores.
  • Drafted an Ad Clerum–letter to the clergy–which will be sent on Friday.
  • Made travel arrangements for the annual meeting of bishops from small dioceses, which will be in Salt Lake City the last week of November. With four airports from which it is plausible to fly when one lives in Springfield, this is always a complicated and time-consuming task. I whipped it out in one hour flat. Yes, I know I should figure out a way to delegate this sort of thing.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • After some shopping and dinner out with Brenda (our street not being very trick-or-treat friendly), I produced this Hallowe’en post on my “real” blog.
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