Episcopal Parish of Alton

Here’s a highlight of the remarkable events and volunteering that has been going on in the Episcopal Parish of Alton!

SAK is a program of Main Street Methodist Church, and many churches, such as ours, businesses, and organizations send monetary support, and many congregations, including the Episcopal Parish of Alton, and organizations provide volunteers. Last year, more than 200 volunteers assisted the program, both by helping in the kitchen at Main Street Methodist, and by distributing lunches and some love. They are not positive about the exact number, but seem to remember that more than 25,000 lunches were distributed in the summer break of 2016!

Some of the volunteers for the Serving Area Kids (SAK) program, which provides a lunch for all of the children in need in the Alton area on every day of the summer vacation. The Episcopal Parish of Alton, along with many area congregations, provides both monetary assistance and volunteers for this important program.

PAWS stands for Pets Are Welcome Service, which is held roughly once monthly. Worshipers are welcome to bring their pets to an informal, ecumenical service. After the service, they have a celebration for both humans and “beasts.” This has become a social occasion and support network for the pet parents, and a canine playgroup. Church is so much better when you can bring your best friend!”

St. Paul’s Church,  10 East Third Street,  on the Day of Pentecost.

Congregation of Trinity Chapel, 1901 State Street in Alton, on the Day of Pentecost

Photos from the Bucket Brigade. The Alton congregations team up with Alton Pride once yearly to help people in need with painting and other home maintenance tasks.

All Hallows Eve Service and Halloween party they had for Family Fun Night. It was held at Reverend Cindy Sever’s house and was named an annual event before the fire went out.


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