Episcopal Church Women

The Diocesan Episcopal Church Women is seeking their next President. Could it be you? If you are interested, please email email Cheri King.



2020 Outreach Project
The Kwek Society

Each year, the Diocese of Springfield chapter of Episcopal Church Women raises money for a different Outreach Project. The chosen project for 2020-2021 is The Kwek Society (Kwe’k means “women” in the Potawatomi language).

First moon kits sewn by CPN women for Navajo 5th graders in Shiprock, NM, filled with pads, liners and The Kwek Society message “Time to Celebrate.”

The Kwek Society provides first-period kits and educational materials, pads, tampons, and underwear to Native American girls and young women without ready access to these expensive supplies. Many Native American young women, particularly those living in the rural US, do not have access to a sufficient number of pads and tampons when they have their periods. As a result, they may skip school altogether, suffer embarrassment or ridicule during the school day, or impact their health by using supplies longer than intended or by making do with makeshift supplies like wadded up toilet paper. To protect their dignity and health, the Kwek Society provides pads, tampons, period kits/moon bags, puberty/period education materials, and underwear to Native American girls.

We encourage you to pray for the young girls and women and to give generously to support this year’s diocesan ECW project. Contributions to the Diocesan ECW fund for the Society may be made through your home church (please indicate ECW Outreach on the check). Information for online giving is coming soon! For more information about this outreach project, or the diocesan ECW please email Cheri King.

2020 ECW Lenten Retreat
Lift Up Your Voice!

The Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese of Springfield Lenten Retreat was held on February 28,29 and March 1, 2020 and what an amazing and fun weekend it was! We were blessed with beautiful weather and with wonderful participation of the twenty-eight women who attended. Women traveled from many distances to be with us (Florissant, MO. Pontiac, IL, Cairo, IL and Southern Illinois, Edwardsville, Bloomingdale, IL) and the list goes on and on. Not to mention we were happy that Jan Goossens, the Province V Representative and MaryFran Crist the Province V CPC Representative found time from their busy schedule to join us. The focus and desire of this retreat was to help all who attended reconnect and strengthen our love for Jesus Christ our Lord.

The retreat opened with a beautiful prayer by Mother Sherry Black and continued with an informative and creative Psalms activity presented by Carol Marshall. We learned that different types of psalms were written to communicate different feelings and thoughts. Psalms provide instruction, inspiration, motivation and consolation. Carol stressed that the psalms are personal and they portray such genuine human emotion, that they remain as powerful as ever today.

We started Saturday morning with a workshop presented by Cheri King on the importance of gratitude in our lives and in the lives of others. Followed with attendees creating ribbon gratitude bookmarks.

The highlight event on Saturday afternoon was the presentation of Fanny Crosby portrayed by Barbara L. Kay. Fanny Crosby was an incredible and truly unique lady. She not only wrote published poetry, she also wrote over 8,000 hymns. Some of which are very famous. She accomplished all of this while being blind. Everyone agreed that through Barbara Kay’s amazing performance, Fanny Crosby come to life for us that afternoon.


Later Saturday evening we all gathered in the chapel for hymn singing led by Claudia Byrne playing on the majestic pipe organ. Claudia provided handouts of printed hymns not found in the Episcopal hymnal and we enjoyed singing them as well as hymns in the hymnal. It was such a joy to listen to the beautiful music and singing. What a fantastic and serene way to end the night.

Sunday morning began with very informative presentations about the Church Periodical Club- MaryFran Crist, United Thank Offering- Joyce Wright, and Daughters of the King- MaryFran Crist. As MaryFran told us ” Episcopalians like alphabet soup (CPC,UTO,DOK).” Questions and answers followed and everything you wanted to know about these wonderful missions was answered.

Finally, we closed the retreat with a beautiful mass given by Mother Sherry Black. Her sermon touched everyone’s heart and we felt God’s love. We then took up a collection for the ECW DoS Outreach project- The Gitimaini Angelican Church, Kenya who is in desperate need of furniture. Through the blessings of the Lord, $708.00 was collected. Not bad for 28 women! I wonder if anyone can match that?

So much love and pray went into the planning of this retreat but it was the work of God’s Spirit that transformed the women. These women came with open hearts and minds and the Lord did not disappoint them.

Peace and Love,

Cheri King