Eastertide Greetings from Diocesan Staff

It’s been an extraordinary Lent for all of us, and while Holy Week and Easter Sunday may not have looked the same as they ordinarily do, we hope all of you are having a happy and blessed Eastertide. The Diocesan Clergy and Staff send their Easter greetings to you:


Holy Saturday for me has meant presiding informally at the short proper liturgy of the word with members of the Altar Guild of whatever church I’ve been connected to, and then “puttering” the rest of the day with various chores associated with getting everything ready for the Great Vigil of Easter. This time, I did the proper liturgy on Facebook Live (with 44 in “attendance”–so, a record). And my puttering toward the Vigil was by way of scrounging for adaptations and workarounds, being devoid of standard ecclesiastical paraphernalia. I also made a video recording of my Easter homily. As soon as it was mostly dark, Brenda and I celebrated the Vigil. We even had an alcohol fire in a wok in our backyard, and an improvised Paschal Candle. I sang the Exultet. Only three prophecies, and no baptisms, of course. It took barely more than an hour. There are moments when the whole effort to maintain some version of our liturgical observances on a miniaturized scale feels kind of silly. But there are other moments when it feels tremendously sweet. For some reason, Form IV of the Prayers of the People has just come alive for me through this experience. So I think it’s meet and right that we, collectively, make the effort. May it please God that we never have to do this again, but in the meantime, I am glad we are trying to maintain the façade. In such a recontextualized environment, we can see more clearly precisely how we have been formed by our habits and practices.


Greetings to the Diocese!
Easter has arrived but in a very different environment for me. I have been using the unsettledness and strangeness of this ‘sheltered’ Eastertide to help me better appreciate how a close disciple of Jesus might have felt and thought that first Easter. May your Eastertide be blessed.
+Canon Mark


Easter Sunday at the Spring house was quite different this year but Dave and I feel very blessed and thankful.  We were able to enjoy an online church service, Zoom choir music, Zoom an Easter egg hunt with the grandchildren and watch a couple of classic Easter movies.  I love this old jelly bean poem and hope that the joy you felt on Easter morning is the joy you feel each day of your life.  This week finds me half way through radiation therapy and all is going very well.  I should be finished with all cancer treatments in early May.  It has been a long journey through 5 months of chemo, surgery and now radiation therapy but the outcome has already been successful.  Thanks be to God!  I have felt His love and comfort with me the entire time.  The people of the Diocese hold a very special place in my heart and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers, cards, support and kind words.  I am extremely grateful to be of service to you as your Diocesan Administrator.

Holy Week, while different this year, was no less busy than usual in the Dallman household. Eggs still needed dying, Easter basket surprises were hidden, and Fr Dallman was perhaps even busier than normal keeping the livestream schedule for our Eucharistic Community going. Amidst all that, the girls decided that the best way to celebrate after the Vigil was with a cheese platter (they may not have been born in Wisconsin, but they do their Cheesehead parents proud) and a toast to Easter’s arrival. I’m disappointed not to be photographing events around the diocese that were scheduled for this month, but I hope that I’ll have the opportunity to see you all in a church sometimes soon! The people of the Diocese are in our family’s prayers every day.

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