Easter Wednesday

We have now concluded the working portion of our Class of 2011 bishops continuing education retreat. This has involved dividing into two groups of five and presenting “critical incident reports.” This would be a situation or conflict that has arisen in the course of our ministry that we find challenging and/or perplexing. The person presenting the critical incident lays out the facts, names the key players, and gives background information. Then the others ask questions of information and clarification. At that point, the presenter recedes and remains mute while the others discuss the situation, offer observations, and suggest possible strategies. Then the presenter is brought back into the conversation and given the opportunity to articulate any new insights gained. I have found this a very valuable exercise, both when I have been a presenter and when I have been listening and offering observations.

Tomorrow is a play day. We’re making a day trip to Santa Fe via the Rail Runner Express. Not only do I love Santa Fe, but I love train travel, so I’m looking forward to a good day!

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