Easter Tuesday

At the Communion Partners meeting in Oviedo, FL (an Orlando suburb). There are seventeen bishops present: three domestic diocesans, one suffragan, three diocesans plus one coadjutor from Province IX (TEC dioceses in Spanish-speaking countries), two retired bishops, and three diocesans from the Anglican Church of Canada’s “Gracious Restraint” group (CP counterparts). We are also joined by three members of the Communion Partner Rectors steering committee. So … we worshiped, we ate, and we met–multiple iterations of each activity. The interchange has been exceedingly lively and fruitful, the best yet of these meetings. We are seeking to create a place where Episcopalians of traditional theological convictions can not only survive, but thrive. Beyond that, we want to sow “good seed” for the sake of the gospel among Anglican Christians–seed that, in time, will bear abundant fruit. We intend not to be reactive, but proactive.

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