Easter Thursday

The last couple of days have been … interesting. Getting discharged from a hospital is always more complicated than one imagines. I was in Brenda’s room shortly before 0700, and, with a break here and there made possible by our daughter, I was there until 4:3opm. All during the day, I was experiencing a complex of symptoms that are associated with cardiac issues. This actually started over the weekend, and is part of an episodic recurring pattern. It always turns out to be non-cardiac. Nonetheless, upon the counsel of an advice nurse, all three of my children, and my wife, I drove myself to the ER. As expected, all the tests were negative, so it was a surprise when I was told that my primary care doctor recommended I be admitted for observation overnight. Not being one to go against medical advice, I acquiesced. After a fitful night, full of the usual interruptions that happen in a hospital, my doctor was in the room at 0730, somewhat apologetic. I was out an home before 0830. Still, after two night of inadequate sleep and a rather harrowing day yesterday, it was difficult to get very much productive traction. I did process a handful of substantive emails, and made major progress on a sermon for Easter III (Alton Parish). Prayed the evening office with Brenda, folded some laundry, watched an old movie. Hoping to reset my rhythm tomorrow.

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