Easter Monday

Left the Chicago condo at 7am to head out to O’Hare for a 10:05 departure to Albuquerque. Everything went smoothly, save that, for the first time in a string of flights going back to November, I did not receive “TSA-Pre” status on my boarding pass. Brenda, however, did. So she cleared security about 15 minutes earlier than I did. We landed in New Mexico around noon local time, retrieved our bags, picked up our rental car, drove to the Hampton Inn off Coors Road, checked in, got some lunch at a nearby Mexican place (not memorable), came back to the hotel and got unpacked and otherwise settled in, rested for a while (still greatly in need of that), caught up on some emails, made a shopping foray to a nearby Whole Foods, and eventually made our way to the Bosque Center–a complex that houses a conference center, a retreat house, and the offices of the Diocese of the Rio Grande. Here for some self-engineered continuing education with other members of the Class of 2011 bishops. We’re here until Friday morning.

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