Easter II

  • Fasted after midnight and into mid-morning in anticipation of an MRI. I’ve got more than my share of the claustrophobia gene, so I had to be generously medicated, for which I was grateful.
  • Wonderful visit from Fr Milton Williams, rector of the nearby Church of the Ascension, who fed me with word and sacrament.
  • Visited with the spouse and offspring, who are being very supportive.
  • Processed a handful of emails. More waiting before I go under the knife of Thursday.
  • Commended Brenda to the mercies of Amtrak, where she should right at this moment be de-training in Springfield–home for a couple of nights to help get things organized for our post-operative life.
  • Took a couple fo slow walks around the unit, just to make sure I don’t forget how to walk.
  • In the early evening, I was taken to an imaging lab for a 360-degree X-ray of my teeth. Believe it or not, dental health issues can adversely affect heart surgery outcomes.
  • Still keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of days of parole, beginning tomorrow. I promise I will be as quiet as mouse. But I desperately need a haircut!
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