Easter Friday

This week has not gone according to plan.

While in Chicago for three days of planned post-Easter personal and family time–indeed, while attending an opera performance–I developed a reprise, only more intense, of the cardiac symptoms that landed me in the hospital in Springfield last week. After the second intermission, Brenda and I headed to the ER at Northwestern Memorial, where I was admitted and, in fact, am still an in-patient. As it turns out, this was a pretty effective way to get a second opinion, which I had wanted to do anyway, as well as investigate “minimally invasive” surgical options that are not available in Springfield. So it appears that I will have surgery next Thursday, and then be on the DL for the better part of a month. My aortic valve is in “severe” need of replacement, so I just need to get it done. I will certainly be as transparent as I can as I head toward surgery, but will probably go dark for a while thereafter. Prayers appreciated.

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