Easter Friday

Up at … well, I blanch to even mention the hour, but our departure by air from ABQ was at 6am, so you do the math, factoring in returning a rental car and clearing security. After a layover in Denver long enough to get some breakfast, we were back on a plane to Chicago, touching down around 11:30am local time. After retrieving our bags, riding a train and a shuttle bus, we were back in the YFNBmobile, which we pointed northward. About three and a half hours later, we were checking in at the Hilton Garden in Appleton, WI. Through the day, I’d had two substantive emails and a phone conversation involving three different individuals, but pertaining to the same subject, which then became the subject of another substantive email, this time from me to all of them. We then enjoyed a lovely dinner with our friend Bishop Ed Little of Northern Indiana. Looking forward to tomorrow’s consecration of Matt Gunter as Bishop of Fond du Lac.

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