Easter Day

Up and out to be back at St Paul’s just past 7:30. After a few minutes of panic because someone had, with good intentions, “straightened up” my sermon manuscript from the pulpit last night, all ended well, and both the 8am and 10:30am liturgies went smoothly, with YFNB presiding and preaching. Between services, there was an Easter egg hunt for children, which was very well subscribed. We passed a very pleasant afternoon at the home of some parishioners, then home to watch the MLB season opener between the Cubs and the Cardinals.

I’m going to be dark in this space for the next week. Tomorrow evening I fly to Miami. Then, on Tuesday morning, accompanied by ten of my Class of 2011 colleague bishops, I will catch a charter flight to Havana, Cuba. This is our annual week of collective continuing education, abetted by the fact that the Bishop of Cuba is an honorary member of our class, having gone through the Living Our Vows (“baby bishops school”) training with us 2011-2013. Our cell phones won’t work there, and internet access in general is very spotty, so I’m resigned to being essentially incommunicado. Maybe a handful of Facebook posts if things work out right. We return to Florida next Sunday, and I’ll fly home the next day, the 13th.

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