Deanery Reports

Reports for August 2022



St George’s, Belleville
St. George’s Episcopal Church continues to faithfully serve the people of Belleville and the surrounding areas to proclaim the Gospel and spread the love of Jesus Christ in this community.

To that end, we’ve recently taken a major step in our long-term strategic plan to build and strengthen the church. We contracted with Dr. Robert Logan and Logan Leadership as a consultant to help identify and utilize our assets in order to forge a path forward. Dr. Logan met on-site with several ministry leaders on August 13-14, and he provided us with some initial strategies for this effort. He will continue to meet with us (virtually) every month to get an update on our progress and to provide additional advice.

Another item that St. George’s is undertaking at this time is preparing for the 40th anniversary of our relationship with St. Mark Lutheran Church. The plans are still in the early stages, but we anticipate holding a joint Eucharist on All Saints’ weekend with both the Episcopal and Lutheran bishops participating. It promises to be a glorious event that will showcase and highlight an inter-denominational effort that can serve as a model for building ecumenical relations between churches.

Faithfully submitted,


Episcopal Parish of Alton


St. Thomas’, Glen Carbon & St Bartholomew’s, Granite City
On May 1st, St. Thomas, Glen Carbon, and St. Bartholomew’s, Granite City, said good-by to Bishop Tony Clavier, Fr. Scott Hoogerhyde, and Deacon Mark Klamer. We had a joint service at St. Thomas’ with a wonderful reception.

St. Thomas’ organist for 29 years, Duane Bridges, retired on May 19th. We thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated his ministry and now greatly miss the sound of music.

We are very thankful for our Supply Priests, Fr. David Boase, Fr. John Henry, Fr. Gene Stormer, and Canon Mark Evans. Canon Mark Evans has been meeting with the two congregations jointly to discuss our futures.

We are fortunate to have five Worship Leaders that can lead Morning Prayer for the two congregations twice a month.

Jan Goossens


St. Michael’s, O’Fallon


St. Andrew’s, Edwardsville
Father Hankinson left St. Andrew’s effective July 15 to take become Director of Admissions at Nashotah House Theological Seminary. On July 15, the parish held a festal Evensong to celebrate Father Hankinson’s time with us, and to convey our good wishes for the future exercise of his vocation. Bishop Burgess preached at the Evensong, and we were also joined by many clergy from throughout the Darrow Deanery, and from other parts of the Diocese. There was a good attendance at both the Evensong and the reception that followed.

The Vestry has started the process of congregational discernment as part of the search for a new Rector. Since the beginning of the Summer, Deacon Mark Klamer has been assigned to St. Andrew’s, and he is providing us with pastoral care, as well as assisting in liturgy. We have been blessed with the ministries of several priests who provide us with the sacrament on Sundays. Deacon Klamer has started an inquirer’s class to provide instruction on Christianity in general, and on the Episcopal Church in particular. Some of the people attending the class are seeking confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church, and we look forward to those persons being presented the next time that the Bishop is with us.

St. Andrew’s is having something of a “population explosion”, with three infants being born in the congregation is the space of about six weeks. So we look forward to a number of baptisms, as well as confirmations and receptions.

We have started the practice of having daily Morning and Evening Prayer in our chapel. This was started by Deacon Klamer, but the services are mostly conducted by laypeople.

Kevin Babb, Senior Warden



The Clergy and leaders of the Eastern Deanery have been kept in contact via emails, and in person. Following the ordination of the Rev. Mike Clark, he continues to lead to people of St. Mary’s Robinson. Fr. Howard continues as Vicar of St. John’s, Albion. Each of the other churches has been blessed to receive communion services from supply priests as available, whose services have been a great blessing. We look forward to the Eastern Deanery Convocation September 11 at 2:00 p.m. in Mt. Vernon, meeting in the Parish Hall of Trinity. We also look forward to the Synod in October, led by Bishop Burgess.

The Very Rev. Bill Howard, Dean

St John’s, Albion
During the past quarter, the people of St. John’s continued to celebrate each Sunday in person, exercising appropriate distancing. The host continues to be delivered by tongs and wine in separate paper cups.

We still have not resumed coffee hour but we meet after church each Sunday. We have regular monthly Mission Leadership Team meetings. We have been blessed by the presence once each month of Deacon Mike Clark following his ordination, to serve as Deacon of the Mass and preach. The people of St. Mary’s Robinson led by Deacon Mike will be attending St. John’s on the first Sunday of each month and take back consecrated hosts and wine as they have Morning Prayer with communion from the reserved sacraments.

The people of St. John’s have been very faithful in attendance and service to our Lord as we continue our mission here in Edwards County.

Yours in Christ,
Father Bill Howard, Vicar


St John’s, Centralia
St. John’s Episcopal Church and Redeemer Lutheran Church in Centralia hosted our annual Strawberry Festival on the first Sunday in June of this year after a two year break due to covid. We have hosted Messy Church, a multi­ generational program on a monthly basis this summer. We have had a Sunday service every week this year except for once in the winter when the thresholds froze our doors shut, and we could not safely use the building. We have supply clergy celebrate 2-3 Sundays a month and lay led services every other Sunday. A group of lay members have started a weekly “Brown Bag Bible Study” at noon one day a week to discuss various topics including magazine articles, books and more.

Erin McCrary, Senior Warden


St John the Baptist, Mt Carmel

The situation at St. John the Baptist remains the same: without a priest since March 1, 2020. We continue to offer the service of Morning Prayer on Sundays and Wednesdays at 10:30 am. We have recently granted several scholarships to local college-age students to further their higher education goals. The Vestry has recently authorized a gift of $10,000 to Episcopal Relief and Development to the flooding victims in KY and WV. God continues to bless us financially, and as his stewards, we must extend a helping hand to the world. Blessings to all!

Don Kensell


Trinity, Mt Vernon
We started the year without a minister but hope soon this will change. Jim Adams leads us in Morning Prayer followed by Coffee Hour. We have been blessed once a month to have Mother Hannah Armidon and Canon Mark Evans to conduct our services. We were even more blessed on Trinity Sunday to have Bishop Brian Burgess and his wife Denise to conduct our service and join us after for a light lunch. Even though our attendance is small, we look forward to our future in the Springfield Diocese.

Yours in Christ, Tracy Adams


St Mary’s, Robinson
The people of St. Mary’s have been held together by the virtual glue of Morning Prayer via Facebook LNE. For the last 2 years we have met online each Sunday with a different member leading Morning Prayer each Sunday at 9am. People have been diligent, and it has kept us together.

This month we approach a more regular and in-person schedule. Having received the go-ahead from Bishop Burgess, we will meet for Morning Prayer with communion from the reserved Sacraments administered by Deacon Mike. We have set up a plan with Father Bill Howard to consecrate elements at St. John’s -Albion the first Sunday each month. We are encouraging all members of St. Mary’s to attend St. John’s Holy Eucharist on this Sunday. The folks at St. John’s have discussed possibly attending St. Mary’s for one of these shared services. The members of these two churches are faithful and flexible!

We are moving our Sunday service time to 10am. We will trial this time (moving from 9am) to allow for our organist, Sandra Nichols (Deacon Mike’s mom), to be with us. She will be able to bring her grandson, Ben Miller, along for church, too. Ben is a character and always welcomed to join us!

The front doors of the church have been painted with a new coat of red paint. We have also repaired the ceiling in the bathroom which sustained damage from an old leak.

Thanks to Father Bill and Deacon Sylvia in helping us re-learn how to do a service using reserved sacraments. The last time this type of service was done was around 2010 when Mother Ann Tofani was a deacon.

God is good and always provides. We are blessed.

Christ’s Servant and yours, Deacon Mike Clark


St Thomas, Salem



The Church of the Redeemer, Cairo


St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Carbondale
The most important matters first. We celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday at 10:00 am, with as many as nearly thirty attending. We are slowly recuperating from the Covid CDC guidelines. We are blessed to have new folks and visitors join us. Various folks sign up week by week to read Scripture, lead the intercessions, host Coffee hour, usher, and those from the altar guild who set up and then clean after Mass. At this church, our people take these matters seriously, as they do the worship.

We enjoyed a solemn Evensong at the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord, joined by Fr. Bob Flannery and folks from St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, and the folks from Epiphany ELCA and their new pastor, Pastor Brian Coffey. We hope to do more of these shared worship experiences.

Our organist/Music Director, Roger Petrich, made the difficult decision to retire on his birthday, St. Anne’s Day, June 26, due to rapidly failing health. He has enjoyed a long-storied career as music director/organist/ composer in residence at a number of large Roman Catholic Churches, especially in North Carolina. Note this: I learned the singing of Heinrich Schuetz and Bach’s Passions when I sang in Roger’s Heinrich Schuetz Kantorei, at Luther Memorial LCA at Madison Wisconsin while a student at the University, from 1974-6. It has been a privilege to again sing with his music nearly fifty years later.

A longtime friend of St. Andrew’s, Gail White, a musician and architect, is now our interim organist. We are happy for his playing the Sunday Mass.

Our Saturday evening 5:00 pm Mass at St. James’, Marion is going strong, as we average 6. We are thankful to Henry Kammerer who takes care of everything to enable this, from cleaning and setting up for the Service, as well as reading at every one, and trimming back bushes and trees. He is also a member of the Vestry.

The Vestry has agreed to Fr. Coleman’s expanding our worship opportunities, now to include a bi-weekly Eucharist at Liberty Villages, an assisted living facility, where 5 of our parishioners are present, and another parishioner always joins us. We average 7 in attendance. This is a joyful Service. I am grateful for our very fine Vestry’s support.

Since the Covid, I have been writing out my sermons for the first time in my priestly years (42). It has been gratifying after sending them out usually on Saturday’s and then posting them to “the” Facebook page of St. Andrew’s, to hear so many grateful parishioners, community members, newcomers, friends of parishioners, here and in Britain, offer their gratitude. The Sermons include an emphasis on teaching the traditional Catholic Teaching of our heritage as Anglicans, as well as a central focus on the Scripture, particularly the Gospel, the Word Incarnate Himself. In St. Augustine’s De Doctrina Christiana, on the Christian Faith, which is the saint’s manual for teach right interpretation for the preaching of the Word, he urges that bishops and priests, do three things for a sound sermon: exhort, teach, and entertain. I follow his instruction. His manual was the main inspiration for clergy in the Western Church for a thousand years.

A continuing joy for us at St. Andrew’s is our honorary assisting priest, Fr. Jerry Anderson. He has vast experience as a pastor at large churches in Washington D. C., Chicago, and Los Angeles. He was particularly chaplain to those hospitalized due to AIDS in Los Angeles.

We are looking forward to our Bishop’s first time being among us on Sunday, October 30. This will be a joyful day to enjoy his presence, celebration of the Eucharist and preaching. I wish to note that several of us had planned to attend the High Tea on August 20. However, a prominent member of the community Terri Henry, and wife of Mayor Mike Henry suddenly died. Her funeral will also be on the 20th, and they had been worshipping with us St. Andrew’s. Many parishioners will be in attendance.

Faithfully yours in Christ,   
The Rev. Canon Dale Coleman, Rector


St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, West Frankfort


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Harrisburg
It’s been a good year so far for Saint Stephen’s church. We received four new members for our church this year. We are exceeding our budget in giving. We have had a number of outreach programs this year both local and international. Some of our women are planning on starting a movie night for the youth in our community. We are still following the earlier guide line for passing the peace and the distribution of the Eucharist. We received a gift that has paid for the addition of a new alter top and two new alter cloth frontals. We are looking forward to next year and for what God has on His plate for us in 2023.

Father Tim Goodman


Emmanuel Memorial, Champaign
Emmanuel has had a busy summer, and we are particularly excited about finally having returned to two Masses on Sunday, with Rite 1 at 8 and a chanted Rite 2 Mass at 10:15. We’re grateful to new servers, greeters, and readers who have stepped forward to make this possible, and looking forward to the return of our Choir on August 28th. This new schedule also means that we no longer need to duplicate the Sunday Mass in a small, “safer” service on Wednesday and can resume observing Holy Days and lesser feasts. If you are in Champaign some Wednesday at 12:15, please join us!

A class of 8 completed the Revive lay leadership program in June, and 8 others completed an Inquirers program in July. Some of the latter will be confirmed or received when Bishop Brian Burgess is at our altar on October 2nd.

Emmanuel’s Intergenerational Formation team has been meeting over the summer and has planned out the full year’s all-ages formation plan, including a focus on the liturgical year and Advent and Lenten resources and gatherings. Kickoff is September 11th. All ages ministry was also at work over the summer: our three Common Table meals saw groups of parishioners gather in homes. Everyone enjoyed conversation and social time, and along the way the hosts facilitated responses to a few accessible discussion prompts designed to help us have a relaxed exchange about things that are important to us as Christians and Episcopalians. The evenings concluded with Compline. Signups are underway for the fall round.

In addition to our ongoing outreach ministries, Emmanuel is deepening our work with the City of Champaign’s important new Gun Violence Reduction Blueprint. We continue building on our new partnership with DREAAM, which connects youth “with low to no-cost learning and transformative experiences that cultivate college and career readiness skills, build social and emotional skills, and boost academic achievement.” Emmanuel is now the beneficiary of regular visits from groups of DREAAMers for service projects (sack lunch packing, yard work, room cleanup), we had parishioners involved in their summer tutoring program, and we recently collected 41 pairs of new shoes for DREAAM youth’s back to school event.

But even more, we have now leased our north wing to a Blueprint organization. Five years ago Emmanuel began a process of discernment that led us to a commitment to offer our former rectory space for community ministry. We hoped to find a nonprofit partner or partners to whom we could rent below market rate. Redone completely after the attic fire, the new wing is beautiful and functional, and with the approval of the vestry, in June Emmanuel concluded a lease for it with the Trauma and Resilience Initiative. TRI will be using our space for providing trauma-informed support and services to people harmed by violence, and for building the collaborative capacity of providers to better support individuals who have been impacted by community trauma and adversity.

Finally, as many will have heard, in June I announced my retirement as of All Saints Sunday. It has been an immense joy to serve at Emmanuel and in the Diocese of Springfield. May God continue to bless both!

Respectfully submitted,
The Rev. Beth Maynard, Rector


Chapel of St John the Divine, Champaign
We have had another great summer in the life of the Chapel of Saint John the Divine.

Canterbury Student Program

This summer, two persons who have been active participants in our Canterbury program made significant life transitions. Krystian Seebert and Chi Mai celebrated their blessing of their civil marriage on May 20. The two were married in a civil ceremony in mid 2020. They waited to celebrate with family and friends, and we were delighted to have an opportunity to celebrate with them. The summer has also included the welcoming of several law students from Nigeria. Seven of them have been coming regularly.

Esther Ekjuba will be serving as a peer minister this semester, and continue to help build our outreach to the university community.

Quad Day, a student activity fair that includes hundreds of organizations and thousands of students will be held on Sunday, August 21. The parish supports our efforts to connect with students as we will give away over 500 home baked cookies and invite students to be part of the life of the Chapel and our Canterbury program. College students, children of the parish, and other parishioners help us in this venture. Our student services and meal program begin August 24.

The Parish

Summers are often a quieter time in the life of the Chapel with the academic year complete and many in the academic community travelling. At Canterbury House, we have refurbished our upstairs apartments, and have prepared the building for our fall kick off.

During the summer, two persons participated in the chorister program held on the campus of the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana. Our choral programs resume on Sunday, August 28.

The Chapel of Saint John the Divine is alive and well and we invite all from the diocese to stop by any time you find yourself in the area.

The Reverend Sean Ferrell, Rector and Chaplain


Trinity, Mattoon


Holy Trinity, Danville
The following information reflects activities at the Church of the Holy Trinity, Danville:

· Observed Pentecost with Novena to the Holy Spirit and Sung Mass

· Observed our Feast of Title on Trinity Sunday with Mass followed by special reception

· Observed the Feast of Corpus Christi with Exposition during the day and Mass with Procession and Blessing of the City in the evening

· Continue to address building upkeep and maintenance

· Continue to operate food pantry

· Updating phone and internet system

Respectfully submitted,
The Rev. Richard Lewis, Priest-in-Charge


St Christopher’s, Rantoul




Christ the King, Normal

Trinity, Lincoln

St. Matthew’s, Bloomington

Parish of Tazewell County; All Saints, Morton & St Paul’s, Pekin

St Barnabas, Havana




Cathedral Church of St Paul, Springfield

St. John’s, Decatur


Trinity Church, Jacksonville

St. Paul’s, Carlinville


St Luke’s, Springfield
Since our last report, we have continued our regular pattern of worship, with some modification as the pandemic circumstances have improved. That pattern includes our two celebrations of the Eucharist at 8 and 10:30 on Sunday as well as 7:30 on Wednesday mornings. We have decided to discontinue our broadcast and post of our 10:30 Sunday service on Facebook and YouTube. The participation of members and friends through this medium was a great encouragement, significantly expanding our reach, but we are happy to be returning to more normal patterns as conditions have continued to improve. In-person attendance has been increasing.

We have continued to be pleased with the faithfulness of our members in giving even when they are not able to attend. First quarter and second quarter giving has been above budget, and we have begun to pay our Diocesan Pledge in advance on a quarterly basis. We were also able to make a significant contribution to the Bishop’s Gift Fund.

St. Luke’s was pleased to join with Christ Church in providing food and hosting a breakfast for the attending bishops on the morning of the consecration. We have heard that the bishops enjoyed the meal and welcome.

Following the installation of new granite tops for the counters and new faucets in the kitchen, we installed a new backsplash of subway tiles. The next project was the renewal of the lighting, with new fixtures and replacement of existing lights with LED lights. We were so pleased with the effect that we have decided to install similar lighting in the sacristy and the restrooms. We have also completed the refinishing of the pine floors in the nave and in the chancel. Since the rugs and runners could not be put down during the drying process, we sent them off to be cleaned. As we put the furniture back in the church following the refinishing process, we reordered everything as it had been prior to the pandemic.

Our kitchen continues to be used on a regular basis by the Episcopal Food Ministry, consisting of volunteers from all three Springfield congregations. The group regularly prepares meals for homeless shelters in Springfield.

We were pleased to welcome Russ and Heidi Smith, SAMS Missionaries to Chile, to our Sunday services earlier this year. Fr. Russ preached at both services, and we gathered afterward to hear more about their ministry in South America. Heidi is one of the longest serving missionaries with SAMS, and St. Luke’s has faithfully supported their ministry in Chile for many years. The visit inspired one of our younger members, who has already visited them in Chile, to explore the possibility of a short-term mission trip there.

While our Sunday meal program has been suspended for more than two years, we took first steps to restart it, beginning with a pizza Sunday in July. We invited campers and their families to join us for pizza and a sendoff with prayers. We continue to enjoy strong support for the meal outreach program.

Faithfully submitted,
The Rev. Shawn W. Denney

Christ Church, Springfield
Christ Church continues to offer Rite II Holy Eucharist every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. There is music and hymn singing at the 10:15 a.m. Child care and in-person youth Sunday School are on hold as we make renovations in those areas of the building.

The Sunday School Ministry Team has been sending out education and activity packets to our youth regularly since the spring of 2020. Contact through phone calls and emails has also been maintained with these families as we await the return to in-person meetings.

As mentioned above, we are in the midst of a number of major renovation projects in order to maintain a clean, safe, and attractive area for our guests, parishioners, and their children.

Most important is the attached mission statement we sent to Bishop Burgess. This remains our focus.

Discipleship I, held by Fr. Greg, is our main adult Sunday School and is an essential part of this process of ‘making disciples who make disciples’.

We also have an effective Contact Ministry Team, who greet guests and follow up with a card, phone call, and sometimes flowers.

Thank you,
Christ Church