Conversion of St Paul

  • Began the day with a brisk treadmill workout.
  • Task planning at home, MP in the cathedral.
  • Got to work signing and sealing the certificate for tonight’s ordination. Took four passes with the hot wax, and one was plenty good enough.
  • Read and responded to an email from the Bishop of Tabora.
  • Devoted more time to an ongoing bit of administrivia that seems to be getting more complex the harder we try to resolve it.
  • Spent about 90 minutes with a commentary on Mark’s gospel, focusing on the Passion narrative, all in service of developing a homily for Palm Sunday.
  • Home for lunch on the late side. Leftovers.
  • Registered online for a Communion Partners meeting late next month.
  • Processed a short stack of late-arriving email.
  • Out the door at 3:00 for points east.
  • Met at St John’s, Decatur with Fr Mike Newago. Routine check-in regarding his work as Mission Strategy Developer.
  • Presided over a rehearsal, then the liturgy itself. Got Christine Gregory duly ordained to the diaconate, a truly joyful occasion.
  • Home around 9:45.
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