Conversion of St Paul

  • Up, out, and in the cathedral for MP around 0815.
  • Drove down to McD’s for some breakfast.
  • Met with a postulant for diaconal ordination to sketch out his formation process.
  • Did the finish work on tomorrow’s homily (Trinity, Jacksonville).
  • Answered a couple of emails that had been turned into tasks and were overdue for a response.
  • Attended the Mass for the feast day in the cathedral chapel.
  • Grabbed lunch via the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru.
  • Did a small bit of personal shopping while out on the west side.
  • Did a pastoral check-in by phone with a priest of the diocese.
  • Attended to yet again another couple of details pertaining to next Saturday’s SKCM Mass.
  • Responded to another handful of emails of the same sort I had handled earlier.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral, followed by a burger at Freddy’s.
  • Examined the most recent financial statements of the diocese.
  • Laid out my travel arrangement needs for Tanzania and the Lambeth Conference to a generous layperson who has the charism of making travel arrangements.
  • Did a brief bit of calendar-related personal organization.
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