Congratulations to Fr Dale Coleman for His New Book!

The decorated biblical scholar, former Bishop of Durham, and current Fellow of Worcester College at Oxford N.T. Wright wrote to Fr Coleman on his book, Revelation:

“Hi Dale, thank you so much for the book. I found it—as you surely will understand—great fun, rambunctious, rambling, often quite rude, sometimes off-the-scale ridiculous but never, never boring—which is quite an achievement. I was startled at how much you went for Tillich even though showing his ‘warts and all’ side, and I am more suspicious than you are of A. N. Wilson having done a public debate with him 20 years ago after his truly appalling books on Jesus and Paul, which made me doubt him on other topics too (though I agree that his work on the Victorians, which is really his period, is very interesting and helpful). You are very kind about my work—thank you so much.

You are very sharp—and I think accurate—in your criticisms of people like John Robinson, though I think he was a Christian, if a very muddled one. We British tend not to be so clear-cut in our judgments but I do think that the American Episcopalians have lurched far further, far quicker, away from the truth of the gospel than we British have as yet— though it’s coming. I think you are a little hard on the Myers-Briggs stuff and similar—in my view they are useful tools for certain limited purpose and particular in working as a team with people of significantly different approaches. But I totally agree of course that if they (and the hinterland of squidgy pseudo-psychology they represent) are substituted for the gospel—as has obviously happened—then the air has escaped from the balloon.

Anyway well done indeed. I am not a regular reviewer but I will nudge one or two who I know and see what can be done. Meanwhile I would get the publisher to send a copy or two to every seminary, especially Anglican/ Episcopal ones. Nashotah (where I hold an honorary doctorate!) will not thank you for some of what you say, but they clearly gave you the formation which has enabled you to stay in the solid central classic tradition while so many around you have fallen by the wayside. Thanks again and warm good wishes, Tom”

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