Confession of St Peter

Joined the academic community at Wycliffe College at 0830 for Morning Prayer. Then the Communion Partner-Canada bishops (plus Bishop Love and me) reconvened and met until noon. I am gratified by the deepening bond between the CP bishops from TEC and the ACoC. I enjoyed an extended leisurely lunch with my seminary classmate, longtime friend, and bishop colleague Greg Kerr-Wilson, Bishop of Calgary and Metropolitan of the Province of Rupertsland. I then had a pilgrimage moment at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, where the composer Healy Willan was organist and choirmaster during a golden age there. I eventually made it back to the Doubletree to collect my luggage, doing a substantial bit of walking in the meantime, and then grabbed a Lyft to Billy Bishop Airport. Everything went smoothly and I was home around 8:45.

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