November News from the Election Committee

To borrow (and paraphrase) from Paul’s Letter to the Romans, To all God’s beloved in the Episcopal Diocese of Springfield, who are called to be saints:  Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. First, thank you so much for your continued prayers as our Diocese fulfills God’s will [...]


Composed, edited, and sent an Ad Clerum (letter to the clergy) covering a range of news and concerns. Build out my homiletical message statement for Proper 28 (November 15 in Granite City) into a developed sermon outline. Attended to a Communion Partners-related tasks. Interviewed a former Roman Catholic priest who is interested in exploring reception [...]


Let the fourth and final installment of Pastoral Liturgy Seminars from 10-12. After a break and some lunch, I did the finish work on tomorrow's homily (St Mary's, Robinson). Packed for an overnight and hit the road southbound at 3pm, eventually landing at Effingham, where I am spending the night.


The big rocks were to craft a developed sermon outline for Proper 27 (November 8 in Carbondale) from the simple homiletical message statement I came up with last week, and to make a shoe shopping expedition--for podiatrist-prescribed "orthotic" shoes (I have "Achilles insertional tendonitis")--in the inner-ring suburb of Norridge. Around those two items, I began [...]

Wednesday (Samuel I. J. Schereshrewsky)

Attended the weekly Province V bishops meeting, plus a followup phone call with one of them. Wrested a message statement from my exegetical notes for Proper 27. More post-synod phone calls and emails. Things may be dying down a bit on the front. Saw my podiatrist (not encouraging news about my "Achilles insertional tendonitis"). Nice [...]


Highlights: Attended the weekly Province V bishops meeting. Did exegetical work on the propers for Proper 27, in preparation for preaching at St Andrew's, Carbondale on November 8. Did *master* planning for sermon prep tasks between Advent and the end of the post-Epiphany season. Lesser lights: Phone conversation with a colleague bishop. Phone conversation with [...]

St Michael & All Angels

My productive time today was pretty much consumed by this weekends 143rd annual synod of the diocese--in the morning by preparations for the Mass, the afternoon by writing my address. Also a bit of email traffic on the same general subject.

Wednesday (St Ninian)

The big chunk of the day (10-2:30) was dedicated to a tele-meeting of the House of Bishops, both in plenary and in "table groups." (I'm with the bishops of Spokane, South Dakota, and Southwestern Virginia, along with the retired bishops of Rhode Island and Arizona). The subject was how to respond, both personally and as [...]

Workshop Opportunity for Province V

A virtual, two-day workshop:

St Mary the Virgin

Presided over the regular August meeting of the Diocesan Council. Took care of a few dangling odds and ends. I am now in Vacationland. So I'll be going dark in this location until September 14. See you then.