In Tabora Cathedral (Tanzania), 10 November 2013

Acts 19:1-7, John 14:15-17   In the Name of the Living God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. My dear brothers and sisters, I am filled with joy and gratitude at the opportunity to open up the word of God with you here today. My wife, Brenda, is here with me, and my colleague, Father [...]

When we serve aboard God's ship, we are saints too.

Final Peru Update

From Sandy Moore, who, along with her husband, Fr Mark Evans, has been representing the Diocese of Springfield in our companion diocese of Peru. We are safely home from Peru. We are tired, but enthusiastic and excited about the possibilities for a companionship between their diocese and ours. On Thursday we traveled back to Lima [...]

Another Peru Dispatch

One more in a series of posts from Fr Mark Evans (rector of Trinity, Lincoln) and his wife, Sandy Moore, as they represent the Diocese of Springfield in our new companion diocese of Peru. Peru update May 1, 2013 “…In his hand are the caverns of the earth, and the heights of the hills are [...]

Dispatch from Our Visitors to Peru

This is from Fr Mark Evans, rector of Trinity, Lincoln. With his wife, Sandy Moore, he is representing the diocese in our new companion diocese of Peru. Friday started early.  As neither of us had flown out of the St. Louis airport, we drove to Pontoon Beach, IL to help make our morning easier.  The [...]

Session 2 Key point: The Bible is one book.

Session 1 Key points from this session: 1. The Bible is the Church's book. 2. The Bible is many books.

News from Tabora

Bishop Daniel received this message this morning from Bishop Elias Chakupwea of our companion diocese of Tabora (Tanzania): Dear brother and friend Bishop Daniel, Please, we are asking for your prayers, the situation is not good in Tabora. Our people are facing a very severe hunger. I have been living in Tabora for almost 32 [...]

News from the Diocese of Tabora

This just in from Bishop Elias Chakupewa of our new companion diocese of Tabora (Province of Tanzania): Friends in the Diocese of Springfield, Thank you for keep praying for Tabora Diocese. I am hereby sending you an updates from Tabora diocese. The attached are photos for the current stage of construction of the multipurpose hall [...]

I: Patterns of Ministry–What’s In a Word?