3. Rule of Life

Global Teams Missionary to Southeast Asia

Standing in the Kansas wind under the huge open sky, my face was wet with tears. I was beside my husband’s grave. I heard the Voice that you know that you know….and He said to me, “Why are you crying over the dead when there are so many dying without me?” The Lord was calling [...]

2. Baptism Ancient & Modern

1. Lent: Easter’s Anticipatory Shadow

Session 5

Reading the Bible for personal devotion: Discursive (Ignatian) Meditation and Lectio Divina.

Session 4

Session 3 Key point: The Bible is many books.

National and World Missions Survey

You are invited to share your ideas about national and world mission.

From the Diocese of Tabora

From Bishop Chakupewa: This is St. Paul's Church at Kiloleni. The dedication of this Church was officially conducted  by the Rt. Rev. Daniel Martins Bishop of Springfield Illinois USA. We are now working on windows and doors. Your prayers are highly acceptable. +Elias               Indeed, it was my joy [...]

Tabora Travelogue

The 2012 annual synod of the diocese voted to established a companion relationship with the Diocese of Tabora in the Anglican Church of Tanzania. Father Dave Halt (St Matthew's, Bloomington), Brenda, and I spent most of the first half of November this year making an initial visit to Tabora. It was an amazing experience, and [...]