Meta-Reflections on General Convention

Barely more than three weeks from the time I sit down to write this (less than two weeks away for those of you who are seeing this in print form rather than on the web), I will have joined our four lay and four clergy Deputies, as well as Deputies and Bishops from 108 other [...]

Fire in Tabora School Dorm

This sad news just in from our companion diocese of Tabora (Tanzania): Dear friends, I am sorry to let you know that our St. Peter's School has got fire accident. The dormitory for boys has been totally burnt into ashes. Thank God that all the students were in the Church for night prayers. However, they [...]

On Pursuing Our Mission

I want to thank everyone who participated in or helped with what I consider to be a very successful 137th annual synod of the Diocese of Springfield. For me personally, it truly is one of the highlights of my year. To see so many folks from around the diocese gathered in one place gives some [...]

Diocesan Synod Address, 2014

This is now the fourth annual synod over which I have presided as Bishop of Springfield. It continues to be a singular honor for which I am grateful on a daily basis. I love the rhythm of a "normal" week—that is, one when I'm not traveling—with four days in the office doing the business of [...]

Why I’m Not Going to Taiwan

Every March and every September, the bishops of the Episcopal Church (virtually all the active ones, and a few of the retired ones, at any rate) gather for a regular meeting of the House of Bishops. (The September meeting is dispensed with in General Convention years.) Later this month, the House will convene ... in [...]

Learning to Travel Light

Two years from now, in 2016, God willing, I will have served the Diocese of Springfield for five years, and will therefore be due for a three-month sabbatical, an opportunity to regroup and recharge away from the pressure of the daily demands of ministry. I haven't made any firm decisions yet, but one possibility I'm [...]

VIDEO: Ascension 2014

Delivered by Bishop Daniel as a guest preacher at Christ Church, Fitchburg, Massachusetts.


Christ Church, Fitchburg, MA--Luke 24:44-53 I’ll date myself with this reference, but some of you may remember a Bill Cosby comedy routine from the 1960s that began with the simple declaration, “I started out as a child.” We all did, of course. But we can also all take Dr Cosby one level deeper and say, [...]

News from Tabora

Bishop Daniel received this message this morning from Bishop Elias Chakupwea of our companion diocese of Tabora (Tanzania): Dear brother and friend Bishop Daniel, Please, we are asking for your prayers, the situation is not good in Tabora. Our people are facing a very severe hunger. I have been living in Tabora for almost 32 [...]

2012 Diocesan Synod Address

This is my second address to the annual synod of the Diocese of Springfield as your bishop. In a way, you could say it’s my third, because I did bring a brief word of the greeting to the synod two years ago in Champaign, as bishop-elect. It hardly seems possible that it’s been two years, [...]