News in the Diocese for the Month of August 2022

LAMBETH CONFERENCE Bishop Burgess and Denise have just returned from the 2022 Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, UK. Don't worry if you missed any of the updates on Instagram or Facebook; you can read notes from Bishop Burgess about the conference and surrounding events on our website here. SYNOD 2022 The 145th Synod of the Episcopal [...]

News in the Diocese for July

Keep Bishop Brian Burgess, Canon Mark Evans, Mo. Sherry Black, Fr. Zach Brooks, Kevin Babb, Cindy Lynk, Gerry Smith, and Randy Winn in your prayers. Our deputation is in Baltimore this week for the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. The 145th Synod of the Episcopal Diocese of Springfield will happen October 21-22, 2022 [...]

June News in the Diocese

When asked by friends, family and colleagues how they may assist in my transition from parish priest to your Diocesan Bishop, I answered, "Please pray that I may have wisdom and courage to meet the days ahead." Well, those prayers were and are being answered in the people God has put before me as Diocesan [...]

Bishop-elect Burgess is pleased to announce that Ms. Erin McCrary will begin her tenure as Executive Assistant to the Diocesan Bishop beginning June 8th.  With this appointment being canonically approved by Diocesan Council during their May 13th regular meeting,  Erin enters into a professional relationship with our Diocese as a full-time Diocesan Assistant (Canon 29.6). Erin has held [...]

News in the Diocese for May 2022

BISHOP CONSECRATION We are now less than two weeks away from the consecration of the Right Reverend Brian K. Burgess as the twelfth Bishop of Springfield. The Transition Committee is pleased to report that arrangements are proceeding well, with all signs favorable for a glorious day of liturgy, music, and fellowship that occurs only very [...]

News in the Diocese for April

The Transition Committee has been busy making plans for a gala celebration of the consecration of the twelfth bishop of the Diocese of Springfield, the Very Reverend Brian Burgess. The liturgy of Ordination and Consecration will take place on Saturday, May 21 at 11:00 am in the Cathedral Church of St Paul the Apostle, with a reception [...]

pdf of the Standing Committee letter here pdf of The Bishop-elect's letter here   Dear friends in Christ, The Standing Committee is pleased to announce that sufficient consents have been received to the election and consecration of the Very Rev. Brian K. Burgess as the 12th Bishop of Springfield. We have received confirmation from the [...]

ULTREYA – What a strange word!

by Bob Vaughn What is this March 5th Zoom event all about? Ultreya is a Spanish word, derived from Latin. It is a common greeting of encouragement for pilgrims on a trek, like the famous Camino de Santiago routes in Spain. It roughly means “Onward!” or “Keep going!” It is great way to encourage our [...]

Tree Care for Your Church

by Danny Shuler St Thomas, Salem With a few exceptions, the churches in the Diocese of Springfield have one thing in common, they're pretty old. Old churches, with a few exceptions, have something else in common, they're surrounded by old trees. Old trees can be a lovely site, they can also be a hazard and [...]

Progress in Alton: New Church Doors!

The post-fire restoration at St Paul's, Alton continues with the installation of new doors. They aren't red...yet! But old parts found a home on new doors.