Midweek Greeting – June 10

Bishop Martins reflects on resuming his visitation schedule and urges us to keep all of the Eucharistic Communities in the Diocese in our prayers. If you would like to keep up with the regular prayer rotation for the Diocese, you can find it on the website here.  

Midweek Greeting – May 27

In his midweek greeting to the Diocese, Bishop Martins looks forward to seeing some parishioners in person this weekend, counts his blessings (just like the old Sunday school tune!), and looks forward to the realities of this fall's synod gathering.  

Midweek Greeting – May 20

Blessings on this feast of the Ascension to you! A very special feast day midweek greeting from Bishop Martins, as he reflects on how, in Ascentiontide, we, the Church, are like a newborn about to draw our first breath. If you have one handy, grab your 1982 Hymnal and flip to hymn 435.

Midweek Greeting -May 13

In today's midweek greeting, Bishop Martins offers a candid reflection on the unique situation of being a Bishop who does not reside in his diocese. He also looks forward to announcing before long plans for Phase 3 reopening.

Midweek Greeting – May 6

In this week's greeting, Bishop Martins encourages us to take up the hard work of cultivating the Christian Virtue of Hope during this time, as well as begins to discuss the ongoing planning for opening up our church buildings to worship and fellowship once again.

Midweek Greeting – April 29

In his midweek greeting to the Diocese, and in anticipation of Good Shepherd Sunday, Bishop Martins talks about the nature of the Episcopate, and reminds us that we are all to be Icons of the Good Shepherd.

Midweek Greeting – April 22

In his weekly greeting to the Diocese, Bishop Martins invites us in to a mystagogical reflection of Hymn 307; Lord, enthroned in heav'nly splendor (1982 Hymnal). The referenced youtube links can be found by clicking here and here.

Midweek Greeting – April 15

Bishop Martins with his midweek greeting to the Diocese, where he offers a spiritual lens through which we might look at our ongoing time of Shelter in Place.  

Good Friday Meditation

A Good Friday meditation on taking up our cross from Bishop Martins.

Midweek Greetings – Holy Wednesday

Bishop Martins offers his midweek greetings to the clergy and faithful of the Diocese, and urges all of us to take care of those who might find themselves most alone during this unusual time.