• Thursday morning weights and treadmill. MP at home. In the office around 10:15.
  • Processed a short stack of emails.
  • Revised, edited, refined, and printed the text of my homily for Epiphany VI (Holy Trinity, Danville on the 12th). This got pushed up because I’m going to be in Peru all next week.
  • Attended to a small administrative chore.
  • Wrote a note of condolence to a friend outside the diocese whose mother has died.
  • Attended the cathedral chapel Mass for this feast of the Presentation.
  • Lunch from McD’s (the one on South Grand and Fifth, since the MacArthur location is now closed), eaten at home.
  • Devoted most of the rest of the afternoon to taking my Easter VII homily (the 19th in Salem) from the “developed notes” stage to the “rough draft” stage.
  • Dealt by email with a pastoral question raised by one of our parish clergy.
  • Made air travel and car rental arrangements for a Communion Partners (bishops) meeting in early April.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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