Ash Wednesday

Brenda and I got home from our warm-weather getaway (in Barbados) just before midnight last night, so the morning had a slow start. There was a ton of accumulated email that I had to cull or create a task from, and then organize the tasks. There were also some household-related items that were crying for attention. The bulk of the morning, though, was consumed by a trip (on foot, through some “weather”) to the optician for both of us to pick up new glasses–well, new glasses for Brenda and new lenses for me. In the process, they managed to break my frames, though, so there was a hustle on their part to find a workaround while they order me new ones. This all took time. After a shopping errand, it was back to dealing with the tasks created by the email pile. In the evening, we were pew-sitters at one of the local parishes for Ash Wednesday. It felt weird to not be “doing” something, but, between our recent trip, and the fact that I’ll be in the diocese from Friday morning on, it didn’t seem practical.

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