A little of this, a little of that:

  • Reached out by email to leaders of some of the parishes that didn’t get visited in March, April, or May because of the virus quarantine, inquiring about possible summertime visitations, under Phase 3 restrictions.
  • Celebrated the Eucharist for Ascension, with Brenda.
  • Attended to a small administrative chore in connection to the diocese’s PPP loan application.
  • Took a first pass at the readings for Proper 8 (June 28), when I hope to actually preach somewhere in person, though the venue remains indeterminate.
  • Worked a good bit around, about, and for some who are in the ordination process, making inquiries, clearing paths, clarifying ambiguities, etc.
  • Worked another good bit trying to reconnect with Eucharistic Communities that are lacking settled clergy leadership, and are therefore suffering inordinately from the quarantine.
  • Took a long and hard walk–for the sake of health in body, mind, and soul.
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