All Saints

  • Morning Prayer for All Saints Day in the cathedral.
  • Left a voicemail with a colleague bishop on something I’d like to talk with him about, but it will now have to wait a few weeks until my travel schedule settles down.
  • Spent the rest of the morning processing my (physical) inbox. It’s been about a month, so it was quite a pile. As usual, this involves a lot of scanning and tossing, but it did generate a couple of emails and phone calls.
  • Lunch from ChiTown (Italian beef), eaten at home.
  • More inbox processing, finally finishing around 3:30.
  • Did some routine personal organization maintenance related to the transition from one calendar month to the next.
  • Did some more personal organization maintenance that just needs to be done from time to time (cleaning out the “Bucket” notebook in my Evernote account).
  • Got into the prayerful spirit of the day by finding some nice rendition of For all the saints … on YouTube.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
  • Attended, just as part of the congregation, the 5:30pm sung Mass for All Saints’ Day at St Luke’s.

The plan is to catch a plane in Chicago late tomorrow night for Istanbul, then to Dar es Salaam, then to Tabora (Tanzania), arriving around 8:30am local time Monday morning. I don’t know what sort of access we will have to internet connections while there, so postings to this spot may be sketchy Full details after we return, however, which will be on the 15th.

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