Al Fresco Annual Meeting St Andrew’s, Edwardsville

by Marian Smithson
St Andrew’s, Edwardsville

Fr Ben Hankinson

Our annual meeting is usually held in January each year. This year we opted to continue the three vestry members who would usually have retired in January and continued their term until May. So, the primary business of the meeting was the election of three new vestry members as well as delegates/alternates for Synod and Deanery. We distributed the annual ministry reports in January digitally and resent them again in May prior to Sunday’s meeting.

Liz Edwards, newly elected vestry member, served whiteboard duty for the meeting.

We were pleased that thirty members attended on the back lawn of the church which faces our addition and which conveniently has a porch from which Fr. Ben could conduct much of the business of the meeting. We also had four members attend via Zoom so that they could participate in the elections. Fr. Ben wisely had his laptop and camera ready so that they could view and hear all the meeting happenings.

Kevin Babb, Senior Warden


All agreed with Fr. Ben that although the past year brought many unexpected challenges, we met them with grace and inventiveness!