• Task planning and blog perusing over breakfast.
  • At 0830, still at home, joined a scheduled conference call meeting of the board of the Society of King Charles the Martyr. Such meetings are a great opportunity for multi-tasking. While attending to the meeting with my ears and voice, my eyes and fingers processed a draft agreement between one of our Eucharistic Communities that will be sharing worship, ministry, and mission (and a pastor) with an ELCA congregation that has sold its building. Also emailed my regrets about a meeting of Province V bishops that I will not be able to attend.
  • Headed to the office around 1000, but waylaid in the parking lot by an extended phone conversation with a priest of the diocese.
  • Checked in briefly with the Archdeacon and the Administrator.
  • Drafted an initial publicity flyer for the November diocesan clergy conference.
  • Began a task related to prepping for said conference.
  • Lunch from China 1, eaten at home.
  • Attended to a piece of personal business at home, and ran a short errand, before returning to the office.
  • Finished the clergy conference task I had begun before lunch,
  • Sat with my notes for Proper 19 (September 16 at St Mary’s, Robinson) until they yielded a homiletical message statement for the occasion.
  • Composed and sent an email, in Spanish, to the Bishop of Peru.
  • Wrote the twelfth of an eventual thirty 220-word lectionary meditations that will appear in Forward Day by Day in November of next year.
  • Evening Prayer in the cathedral.
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