2018 Outreach Project

2018 Outreach Project
Sponsored by the Episcopal Church Women
Diocese of Springfield

Theme:  Food

The Diocesan ECW Board is asking each Eucharistic Community to do a project that concerns food.

Possible projects:  Work with your local food pantry.  Some food pantries do more than just food, so whatever you do with them would be acceptable.

Do you have a feeding program in your area?  Maybe a summer lunch program for school age children, etc.

Is there an educational food program in your area?

What other projects would your Eucharistic Community like to do?

The Diocesan ECW Board is asking that you write a report in July 2018 telling us what happened in January to June 2018 and a second report in January 2019 for July through December 2018.

We will compile the report and let the diocese know what you did.

We are not asking for any money in 2018.

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