Comings and Goings

An Advent Meditation on the General Thanksgiving

... or, one part thereof, at any rate. This is a refined-for-written-form version of three meditations I delivered a year ago at an Advent quiet day given at St Stephen's Church in Providence, Rhode Island.    The Redemption of the World Although I am firmly committed to the Prayer Book norm that the Holy Eucharist [...]

Speaking Our Own Language

During my recent sabbatical, I spent eight weeks abroad--about two-thirds of it in Spain, with 12 days in Italy, and a couple of brief peeks into France. My Spanish got fairly decent for most practical purposes, which helped me a great deal with Italian. French will always be a bar too high for me; I [...]

Persecution Watch

What is this unusual yellow symbol? It is the letter "n" in Arabic. Persecutors of Christians in Iraq and elsewhere use it to mark the homes of "Nazarenes," their pejorative term for Christians. When their homes are marked, it makes it easier to round up Christians for the latest round of hostilities: be it beheadings, [...]

The Reverend Cynthia Sever was installed as Rector of the Episcopal Parish of Alton on May 21. Gathered in celebration are (back row left to right) Fr. Gary Nowlin, Fr. Sean Ferrell, Bishop of Springfield , The Right Reverend Daniel Martins, Fr. Ian Wetmore, Fr. Gary Goldacker. Middle row, Fr. Dale Coleman, Mother Jane Flaherty, [...]

On January 31, 2016, The Rev. Christopher L. Ashmore celebrated The Holy Eucharist for the final time as Rector of Trinity Church (Jacksonville). After the service, the Parish held a reception for him, presented him with a gift, and unveiled his portrait. It will join the portraits of other long-term Rectors in the hallway. Father [...]

Living in the Bonds of (Tough) Love

Beloved in Christ, As you are probably aware, the Primates (senior bishops) of the 38 provinces of the worldwide Anglican Communion met last week in the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral, the symbolic "ground zero" of our life together as Christians in the Anglican way. While there were a number of topics worthy of their deep [...]

From the Proto-Diocese of Arequipa …

... our companion diocese in Peru going forward, under the care of Bishop Alejandro Mesco (click on link). From Alejandro Mesco    

While I generally enjoy my work, there are certainly aspects that are unpleasantly challenging. But making Sunday visitations is not one of them. Sunday is the highlight of my week, every week. The privilege of sharing in Word and Sacrament with the baptized faithful of the diocese is, of course, a singular joy in its [...]

Bishop’s Address to Synod, 2015

This is now my fifth address to Synod as the 11th Bishop of Springfield, and the sixth Synod I have attended. If I can hijack and repurpose some of the language from the blessing of the water in the baptismal liturgy, I do this as a matter of "joyful obedience." It is a burden that [...]

Pursuing Companionship

You may be aware that Brenda and I, along with Fr Mark Evans (Rector of Trinity, Lincoln) spent the last ten days of July visiting our companion diocese of Peru. This was the second time an official delegation from the Diocese of Springfield has been there, and Peru's bishop, Bill Godfrey, was here in the [...]