July Silliness 012

Moving Diagonally:
Daily Journal


Struggled again with planning software. Maybe on a glide path to a solution. Trying it out. Substantive scheduled phone conversation with the Dean of Nashotah House. Reviewed and commented on bulletin drafts for my visitation to Alton Parish this weekend. Arranged for an onsite visit to the workplace (a faith-based nonprofit) at which one of [...]

Thursday (St Alban)

On the treadmill from 6:30 until 8:00. Began task planning after cleaning up, which was complicated immeasurably by the news the previous day that the web-based integrated personal organization software I've been using for email, task planning, and contacts is ceasing operation at the end of next month. So a lot of my time was [...]


Back home, which seems pretty exotic after all the travel I've been doing. It will be short-lived, however, as a trip to Tanzania looms next week. Morning Prayer and task planning for what's left of the week at home. Learned the disconcerting news that my primary personal organization software (IQTell) is going out of business [...]

The Lord’s Day (II Pentecost/Corpus Christi)

Up and out of the Hampton Inn in time to be at the Church of the Holy Communion at 9:30, an hour ahead of the day's single scheduled Mass. It was my honor to preach on the occasion of Fr Dow Sanderson concluding his 18-year tenure as rector of that historic parish. We then took [...]


Arrived with Brenda back at St Michael's in time for Morning Prayer, and a last music rehearsal with the Michaelites. Taught them the Healy Willan Gloria, which is a bit challenging, but well-rewarding of the effort. They came through like champs. Celebrated a votive Mass "Of the Holy Angels" with the kids and some of [...]


Same SMYC morning routine. After Mass, I drove home to Springfield, unpacked my suitcase, packed a different one, grabbed Brenda, and drove back down to O'Fallon. We got to St Michael's in time for the tail end of dinner and joined in an important debriefing time with the Michaelites.

Thursday (Corpus Christi)

Fourth full day at the St Michael's Youth Conference. This group of kids skews toward the young side of the age range (13-19), and we are making some pretty significant mental and emotional demands on them. I am quite proud of the way they are responding. This is a good thing we're doing. Tonight they [...]

Wednesday (St Basil)

Third full day of the St Michael's Youth Conference. See posts from last two days for basic pattern. The variation today was that, after dinner, we introduced the Michaelites to Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, in view of it being the eve of Corpus Christi.


Second full day of the St Michael's Youth Conference. Same pattern: Breakfast, Morning Prayer, four instruction modules, "choir practice," Mass, lunch, some free/down time, afternoon activity: karate again today, Evensong, an evening activity (today: some outdoor games, then a movie). I excused myself during the afternoon and post-dinner slots to attend to the continuing onslaught [...]

St Barnabas

First full day of the 2017 St Michael's Youth Conference in O'Fallon. I had breakfast at my hotel, but joined the group at 8am for Morning Prayer. The morning was packed with instruction: Bible 101, Christian Living (today's focus: Dating), Communion & Creed (my topic), and Prayer. I led a 30-minute fast-paced music rehearsal at [...]