July Silliness 012

Moving Diagonally:
Daily Journal


Weekly and daily task planning at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral chapel. The chancel is in disarray due to the ongoing installation of a new (electronic, sadly) organ. (it will sound better than its predecessor, but a cathedral deserves a proper organ.) Went down a technology rabbit hole in preparation for an afternoon conference [...]

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Up and out of the Doubletree in Bloomington (after a nice complimentary breakfast) in time to lead the adult Sunday School class at Christ the King, Normal at 0900. We talked about the rich Johannine gospels in Year A of of Lent, and then zeroed in on today's narrative of Jesus healing the man born [...]


An big day, a full day. Up and out by 0815 ahead of a 0945 liturgy rehearsal at St Matthew's, Bloomington. The ordination of Tim Leighton to the diaconate began at 1100--an utterly joyful event. By the time all was said and done, I left the premises around 0145. I checked into my room at [...]

Friday (Oscar Romero)

Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Signed and sealed the ordination certificate for Tim Leighton's being made a deacon tomorrow morning. This is a fine art at which I seem to have become proficient enough of late to get it done on one try. (We print three copies to allow for mishaps.) Took a substantive phone [...]

Thursday (St Gregory the Illuminator)

Intended to complete my usual Thursday early morning workout, but my treadmill developed mechanical difficulties midcourse, so I had to add a supplementary afternoon walk. After everything, at the office around 9:45. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Sent emails recruiting people to specific roles in the Chrism Mass. Followed through with a couple of bits [...]

Wednesday (James DeKoven)

Usual AM routine. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Made preparations (which mostly consisted of identifying and printing out the readings) to preside and preach at the midday Mass. Attended to a small bit of business related to the fall clergy conference (in November). Refined the rough preparations I made last week for tonight's Lenten series [...]

Tuesday (Thomas Ken)

Task planning for the day and for the week at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Devoted a chunk of time to various planning details for this year's Chrism Mass (the Saturday before Palm Sunday). Registered for a conference that I thought I had already registered for. But I apparently hadn't. Took care of a [...]


Compulsive exercise in the morning. A dozen or so work-related tasks on the afternoon, the largest of which was the drafting of a 1500 work article about my Camino experience for a magazine focused on health issues in a church context.

Friday (St Patrick)

Task planning at home, Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Yet more consultation with the Archdeacon on insurance issues. Phoned my doctor's office to arrange a prescription refill. Read and responded to a couple of Ember Day letters from seminarians. Saw to a small bit of related administrative work. Reworked an old sermon for Lent IV [...]


Began the day with 90 minutes of quality time on the treadmill. My new Fitbit device is making me a little OCD about exercise, which, on the whole, is a good thing. Task planning over a late breakfast. Morning Prayer (short form) on the way into the office. Devotions (intercessory prayer, Angelus) in the cathedral. [...]