July Silliness 012

Moving Diagonally:
Daily Journal

Friday (St Polycarp)

Worked from home during the morning, either side of a 10am appointment at the lawyer's office for Brenda and me to sign revised end-of-life documents. I suppose there's something serendipitously appropriate about facing our mortality within nine days of Ash Wednesday. Read a substantive Ember Day letter from one of our seminarians, and replied with, [...]


Customary robust (90 minute) Thursday treadmill workout to start the day. Morning Prayer (fashionably late, around 10) in the cathedral. Attended to some personal business (assembling electronic versions of my tax documents to email to my tax preparer). Reached out by phone for a pastoral check-in to one of our clergy who recently underwent a [...]


Usual weekday AM routine. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepped for a scheduled staff meeting. Began to work on rehabbing a prior-year sermon text for Lent V for use this year at St Christopher's, Rantoul. Received and spoke with a member of the larger Nashotah House constituency who arrived unannounced, being in Springfield in connection [...]


Managed to get a bit of an early start to the work day, so I got a leg up on editing and refining my homily for this Sunday (Christ the King, Normal) while waiting for breakfast to happen. Delayed printing it until in the office. (This is actually a sermon I prepared for use three [...]

First Sunday in Lent

The worship at Holy Trinity, Danville seems truly "in spirit and truth," and I find it a joy to be with them. We duly "beat down Satan under our feet" in the Great Litany. And they are in the midst of some significant upgrades to their physical plant, but the church itself and in the [...]

Saturday (Janani Luwum)

Up and out in time to get to the cathedral-office complex by 9am for prepare for the 10am Diocesan Council Mass and Meeting. Presided and preached in commemoration of the lesser feast of the Ugandan archbishop and martyr (under Idi Amin) Janani Luwum. Presided over a council meeting that was fairly routine. We had a [...]

Friday (Martyrs of Libya)

Task planning and Morning Prayer at home, while I waited for a plumber. Spent the rest of the morning at home waiting for a mold abatement contractor who never showed. But I was not idle: Drafted a formal letter inviting the Bishop of Tabora, his wife, and one other from the diocese to visit us [...]

Thursday (Thomas Bray)

Out the door earlier than usual, right at 8:00, to run the YFNBmobile to the dealer for a scheduled maintenance appointment. (Short form MP on the way.) Checked it in and headed down Second Street on foot, arriving at the office around 8:30. Immediately logged in on a conference call meeting the the Society of [...]

Ash Wednesday

Task planning and Morning Prayer at home. (I had to wait for a furnace service technician.) While the furnace was being worked on, I took care (by email) of an administrative chore pertaining to an ordination issue. In the office a bit before 10: Had a long and substantive phone conversation with one of our [...]

Shrove Tuesday (Absalom Jones)

Weekly and daily task organization at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Worked with Paige for a bit ironing out a couple of details in our latest video project. Bothered Sue about some details of my health insurance coverage. Dashed off an email over an administrative issue. Revised, edited, formatted, printed, and scheduled for posting [...]