July Silliness 012

Moving Diagonally:
Daily Journal

Rogation Tuesday

Weekly/daily task planning at home. Consulted substantively with the Archdeacon on a couple of ongoing administrative matters. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Consulted briefly with the Administrator on a pending matter. Reviewed an annotated a credit card statement. Handled a short stack of late-breaking emails. Did major surgery on a Pentecost sermon text from many years [...]

Sixth Sunday of Easter

Another liturgical, musical, and pastoral feast, this time at Emmanuel, Champaign. So grateful to Mother Beth Maynard her fine leadership there. Lunch following liturgy at the inimitable Black Dog BBQ with Beth and her husband Mark Dirksen, along with Fr Gene and Reba Hall. Home around 2:45.

Saturday (St Alcuin)

Up and out in a relatively laid-back fashion, in time to show up at the office for the 10am regular meeting of the Commission on Ministry. I didn't have to be there, strictly speaking, but I nearly always find that there's some small contribution I can make that makes me really glad I came. The [...]

Friday (St Dunstan)

Morning Prayer in the cathedral around 8:45. Spent the next hour or so prepared for the 10am Diocesan Council Eucharist as well as the meeting itself. We duly kep the lesser feast of St Dunstan. Presided over the regular quarterly meeting of the Council. Yes, it was pretty mundane, and I realize people drove a [...]


Extended treadmill workout, which, because of some domestic exigencies, was tardy getting started. After breakfast and task planning at home, I was in the office around 10:30. Both iterations of the Daily Office kind of fell through the cracks today. Via phone and email, made some progress on hotel arrangements in Tabora, Tanzania. It's rather [...]


Task planning and Morning Prayer at home (while awaiting the arrival of an electrician for some minor work). Personal devotions in the cathedral (Regina Coeli and intercessory prayer). Reviewed and lightly tweaked the draft evaluation of the Dean of Nashotah House. Attached it to an email memo to the other members of the Board of [...]


Usual daily and weekly task planning over breakfast. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Conferred briefly with the Archdeacon on a couple of ongoing matters. Solidified plans, via email, to have dinner on Friday with a priest (and his family) who is a candidate for a "complex" cure that involves taking care of St Barnabas', Havana [...]


Light email processing throughout the day, interspersed among a long walk and doing my laundry. At 4:00, Brenda and I loaded up and headed south. Checked in at the Hilton Garden in O'Fallon around 5:30, then, after getting settled, walked across the street to Bella Milano, where we met the Mission Leadership Team and Rector [...]


Usual morning task planning at home, plus some progress on preparing a draft annual evaluation of the Dean of Nashotah House for consideration by the rest of the Board of Directors. Accompanied Brenda on an 8:45am visit to her primary healthcare provider. Morning Prayer in the car while en route to the office after dropping Brenda [...]


Extended treadmill workout. Task planning over breakfast. Short-form Morning Prayer in the car. In the office at around 10:00. Reviewed the job description, the financial parameters, and the résumé of the candidate I would be interviewing later in the day for the Communications Coordinator position. Attended to some Nashotah House business by email. Attended to [...]