July Silliness 012

Moving Diagonally:
Daily Journal

Second Sunday of Advent

Shared in Word and Sacrament with Fr Ian Wetmore and the good people of St Michael's, O'Fallon at their regular 9:30am liturgy. This was preceded by a teaching opportunity with attendees at their adult education class, wherein we discussed the morphology of Advent. (No worries, I didn't actually use that word until the end of [...]


Spent the morning moderating a conversation between two deacons, three priests, and a candidate for the vocational diaconate, the purpose of which was to assess the academic preparedness of the latter. The unanimous verdict was in the affirmative, and, pending the consent of the Commission on Ministry and Standing Committee, we look forward to ordaining [...]

Thursday (St Ambrose)

Began the day with about 90 minutes on the treadmill. Morning Prayer while I was cooling off. Task planning over breakfast. At the offce around 9:45. Attended to some fairly low-level General Convention-related business. Cleaned up my computer desktop. Routine maintenance. Stepped out for a personal meeting. Took a phone call from one of our [...]

Wednesday (St Nicholas)

Task planning at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Conferred with Paige briefly on a website issue. Hand-wrote a note of condolence to a colleague bishop whose wife suddenly died last week. Began a round of telephone tag with one of our clergy. Organized sermon preparation work for the Sundays after Epiphany. Spent a good [...]

Tuesday (St Clement of Alexandria)

Weekly and daily task planning at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Reviewed some items of administrivia with--appropriately enough--the Administrator (whose path, between travel, holidays, and illness, has not crossed mine it what feels like a very long time). Got into the weeds with the Archdeacon on an ongoing pastoral situation. Left a voicemail in [...]

First Sunday of Advent

Great start to Advent with the folks of St John’s, Centralia. Important discussion afterward with them and some of the Redeemer Lutheran congregation, who now use the facilities at St John's at an earlier hour but will soon lose the supply pastor, about a linked relationship in shared services, with Fr David Baumann as pastor [...]

Friday (Nicholas Ferrar)

Got a little bit of a late start to the morning due to late arrival home last night. Task planning and Morning Prayer at home. Took some time with Brenda to work through a health-related planning issue. In the office just past 10. Consulted with Paige briefly over a Gnosis issue. Got to work on [...]


Endured ... err ... enjoyed a morning seminar on Title IV (clergy discipline) canons. Aren’t you envious? After lunch, we spend quality time with a rep from the Church Pension Group. Ordained ministry is fraught with trials and challenges, but Episcopal clergy can certainly be grateful for a top-shelf pension plan that has so many [...]

Tuesday (Kamemameha & Emma)

Up and out in time to catch the 10:30 United departure to Chicago, then, with just enough time to make it to my next gate before boarding started, on to Salt Lake City. Caught the light rail to downtown, checked into the Hilton, rested a bit, then walked a little more than half a mile [...]

Wednesday (C.S. Lewis)

Got bogged down in some technology issues while still at home, so ... a bit of a late start to the morning. Short-form MP at my desk once I got to the office. Dealt by substantive emails with a couple of pastoral/administrative (as sharply distinguished, of course, from administrative/pastoral) issues. As much as I may [...]