July Silliness 012

Moving Diagonally:
Daily Journal

St Mary Magdalene

The highlight of the day, and it truly was that, was the privilege of ordaining Caleb Roberts to the priesthood at Emmanuel, Champaign. Fr Caleb is the new curate there, and the first curate in the Diocese of Springfield almost within living memory. There was a good turnout from among the priests of the diocese [...]


Task planning at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Conferred with the Archdeacon at some length about about an ongoing issue in one of our parishes. Conferred with Paige a bit, making sure she's on track in her work as my vacation begins. Met for nearly an hour with two clergy members of the Standing [...]


Email processing and task planning at home. Reported at 9:15am to an orthopaedic surgery center for a steroid injection in my tailbone joint. It has been getting progressively more painful to sit for extended periods of time for the last couple of years. X-rays indeed revealed a "displaced coccyx." The only working theory is that [...]

Wednesday (St Macrina)

Task planning at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared to preside and preach at the midday Mass. The process, for various reasons, got a little longer and more convoluted than it usually does. Substantial phone conversation with one of our parish clergy over an ongoing pastoral matter. Dealt with some complications in a couple [...]

The Lord’s Day (VI Pentecost)

Today was a rare Sunday on which I had no scheduled visitation, so Brenda and I attended the Divine Liturgy at  nearby St Anthony's Greek Orthodox parish. I feel like I've taken a bath in wholesome, life-giving, historic devotion and theology. We were warmly welcomed. And even though we could not receive the sacrament, the [...]


It was a joy to spend my morning preparing, celebrating, and preaching the Mass for the diocesan Cursillo Ultreya. I continue to have hopes for the Cursillo movement here as a significant source of renewal and discipleship formation. After a long walk and some email chores in the afternoon, we attended a backyard dinner at [...]


Dedicated the morning to being with Brenda as she underwent some testing. (We're trying to chase down an elusive diagnosis.) Spent the afternoon in the office: pastoral care by email, Nashotah business, scanning accumulated hard copy, time in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the fashion of a "holy hour" (only it was less [...]


Task planning at home over breakfast. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Took care of a couple of items of personal business via internet and phone. Drove out to Decatur to meet Chris Gregory, a candidate for ordination to the diaconate, and Executive Director of Dove, a faith-based multi-church-sponsored social service agency. I got a tour [...]


Still adjusting bodily to time zone whiplash, I was awake early and into the office before 8am. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Made preparations to preside and preach at the cathedral midday Mass. Dealt by email and text with detritus from yesterday's Nashotah board meeting. The Archdeacon having just returned from six weeks in Sicily, [...]

Tuesday (St Benedict)

Back from our African sojourn. Began organizing tasks over breakfast at home. Kept an 8am appointment with an orthopedist. I suffered an injury 30 years ago that resulted in a "displaced coccyx." and has, only in the last couple of years, begun to manifest as pain when I am seated in anything but a plush [...]