Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal

Easter Tuesday

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Still in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Class of 2011 bishops continuing education.

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Easter Monday

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Left the Chicago condo at 7am to head out to O’Hare for a 10:05 departure to Albuquerque. Everything went smoothly, save that, for the first time in a string of flights going back to November, I did not receive “TSA-Pre” status on my boarding pass. Brenda, however, did. So she cleared security about 15 minutes earlier than I did. We landed in New Mexico around noon local time, retrieved our bags, picked up our rental car, drove to the Hampton Inn off Coors Road, checked in, got some lunch at a nearby Mexican place (not...

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Easter Day

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I saw a cartoon on Facebook. There was an empty tomb, and somebody evidently meant to be understood as the risen Christ. Others are asking him, “Since you don’t need it anymore, do you mind if we lie down here for a while? Just come by in three days and wake us up. Thank-you, all clergy everywhere.” So … that’s pretty much how I felt after celebrating and preaching at both cathedral liturgies this morning. Still, after only a brief afternoon nap, we had to pack up and head north to Chicago, where we have an AM...

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Holy Saturday / Easter Eve

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Spent most of the morning at the cathedral, helping the Altar Guild get set up for tonight and tomorrow. I logged nearly a mile and half on my pedometer just puttering around there. Got a haircut, did some laundry, took a long walk on a beautiful day, and shopped a bit in the afternoon. Back to St Paul’s a little for before 7:00. Walked through the liturgy with the key players, then began the celebration. Nine baptisms, ranging from infants to youth to adults. Six confirmations–three youth and three adult. Here I am after the...

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Good Friday

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Up and out at the usual hour, but upon arrival at the office-cathedral complex I was immediately waylaid by a sequence of small but emergent concerns, mostly relating to tonight’s liturgy. Finally got to read Morning Prayer in my office, but it was decidedly mid-morning by that time. I was actually fairly productive on a day that suggests a quiet demeanor, but I did get some praying in amid my work. And I’m an inveterate liturgical putterer on the days of the Triduum, so I was back and forth to the cathedral several times for...

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Maundy Thursdayuque

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Usual Thursday morning exercise. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Puttered around with the cathedral altar guild directress in preparation for tonight’s liturgy. Worked on tying up the loose ends of a clergy deployment issue. Reported to the Central Illinois Blood Bank for my 11am appointment, only to be eventually turned away because of last November’s visit to Tanzania. Donating blood is complicated when one has a well-stamped passport. Resumed working on, and completed for the time being, the aforementioned clergy deployment...

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Wednesday in Holy Week

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared for the 12:15 Mass. Consulted with the Archdeacon on a couple of pastoral/administrative matters. Took care of registering for the June Province V House of Bishops meeting. Attended to an administrative/pastoral matter pertaining to one of our Eucharistic Communities that is both important and relatively urgent. Ditto the above, only a different church. Began the process of finishing and refining my Easter sermon. Showed up to celebrate the midday Mass in the cathedral chapel, but …  no...

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Tuesday in Holy Week

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57 potential items for the to-do list for today. 17 made the cut. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Addressed a small but not insignificant administrative chore. Placed a more or less annual phone order for four starched cotton clergy collars from J. Wippell’s U.S. office in Branchville, NJ. Worked on refining and printing my homily for Maundy Thursday (at the cathedral). Welcomed one our priests and his wife into my office for an hour-long discussion of an imminent deployment issue. Attended the 12:15 Mass in the cathedral chapel. Lunch...

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The Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday

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Today reminded me that I indeed do work for a living, though that’s always a good thing. Presided and preached at the 8am cathedral liturgy–”solo” on the sense that they don’t have an in-charge priest at the moment, so when it came time to do things like make the announcements, I was momentarily flummoxed. Between services, I led–”listened to” might be more appropriate–a forum at which parishioners could express their views on the qualities they would like to see in their next priest (who...

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Arrived at the cathedral-office complex around 9am to begin to get ready for the 11am Chrism Mass. Read Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Got straight in my mind some choreography details for the liturgy. Took care of some last minute physical preparations. Conferred with Barber Potts, the Head Verger of the cathedral on some pertinent details. Greeted clergy and spouses as they began to arrive. Presided and preached at what turned out to be a quite lively service. I find it very moving to be together with the clergy. I see each of them...

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