Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal

Friday (St Charles, King & Martyr)

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Usual AM routine; Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared for, and then attended, a meeting in my office with Nichole Del Giorno, the new cathedral organist. Our purpose was to plan the music for Palm Sunday, the Triduum, and Easter Day, and we succeeded in about 90 minutes. She is a joy to work with. Spoke by phone at some length with the Dean-elect (for two more days) of Nashotah House over two matters–one having to do with troubled waters, and one merely practical. Plus a couple of other smaller things. Disassembled some old sermon...

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Felt “something coming on” last night, and woke up definitely not at 100%, so I dispensed myself from my customary Thursday workout. Task organization at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared to celebrate and preach the noon liturgy (a votive Mass of the Holy Eucharist). Spoke by phone at considerable length with the Secretary of the Nashotah House Board of Trustees over an emergent issue. More drama than either of us would have liked (not in our conversation, but in the situation!). Met with Fr Halt and Fr Francis about...

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Wednesday (Ss Timothy & Titus)

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Just finishing a couple of days of quasi-personal time. Brenda and I rode the train to Chicago yesterday morning and back this afternoon. The primary purpose was to attend a performance of Tosca by the Chicago Lyric Opera last night (it was splendid). But since the northbound train had wifi, I worked most of the way up, processing several emails, taking a phone call, and checking a couple of administrative items off the to-do list. In the afternoon, I had some business to take care of with a vestment supplier, which, to my surprise, concluded...

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Third Sunday after the Epiphany

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Up and out in time to retrieve Bishop Godfrey from his hotel right at 6:30am and then head north to Lincoln. I presided at the 7:30 Eucharist and he preached. Between services, he showed some slides to a group of interested parishioners about the ministry of the Diocese of Peru. Takeaway line: “We don’t just serve the poor; we are the poor.” Indeed the growing Anglican presence in Peru is happening among those whom the more “native” Roman Catholic Church seems to be ignoring or overlooking or taking for granted....

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Retrieved Bishop Godfrey from his hotel and brought him to our home for a leisurely breakfast. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about his ministry in the Diocese of Peru, which has burgeoned under the last 17 years of his leadership and is now on the brink of qualifying to become an autonomous province of the Anglican Communion. Eventually we headed to the cathedral-office complex, where I showed him around and was able to explain our mown mission strategy. Then it was off to the Lincoln Museum, an obligatory element in the welcome...

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Friday (Phillips Brooks)

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Usual AM routine; MP in the cathedral. Attended to some detritus from last night’s cathedral Chapter meeting; trying hard to call their next Provost. Met with the new cathedral music director, Nicole DelGiorno. I think they’ll be in good hands, and I look forward to working with her. Continued to attend to details of the upcoming Nashotah House trustees meeting. Made some incremental progress in the task of rearticulating the nature of the ministry of deacons in the Diocese of Springfield, and launching an intentional effort to...

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Thursday (St Vincent of Saragossa)

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Customary Thursday morning weights and treadmill. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Arranged a meeting with the new cathedral organist, who starts this Sunday. As St Paul’s faces a pastoral hiatus, and I will myself be doing the liturgical heavy lifting for Holy Week, she and I will be working closely together. Attended, mostly via email, to some emerging Nashotah House issues as we face into a special winter trustees meeting week after next. Attended via email to a clergy deployment issue, and then a pastoral/administrative...

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Wednesday (St Agnes)

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Usual AM routine: task planning at home; MP in cathedral. Prepared for the midday Mass. Took care of a bit of financial administration via email. Spent some quality time with commentaries on the Gospel according to Mark in preparation to preach on the Second Sunday in Lent, at St Bartholomew’s, Granite City. This is not always necessarily an extraordinarily rich experience, but it was today. Wish I had more time for personal scripture study just for its own sake, but I’m glad having to preach forces me to do it. (Early start on...

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Tuesday (St Fabian)

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Substantial weekly task planning at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Conferred with the Archdeacon over an emerging matter of interest. Three email responses: one to a search committee chair, one to a priest outside the diocese (permission to reprint something I wrote), one to the Dean-elect of Nashotah House. Took a brisk walk down Second to South Grand, then back up on Spring. Prepared and sent an email to the Nashotah House trustees with several issues concerning next months’ special winter board meeting in Sarasota. Lunch at...

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Second Sunday after the Epiphany

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Out the door (solo; Brenda had an another organ gig at the cathedral) at 7:15 in time to join the good people of Christ the King, Normal in their parish hall for breakfast. After a good and leisurely time visiting with them, I presided and preached at the regular 10:15 celebration of the Eucharist. I then stayed for their annual parish meeting. This is a Eucharistic Community that faces some daunting challenges, but they do so with an exemplary level of spiritual maturity and mission-focused commitment. Home around 2:30.

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