Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal


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Slept in … lifted weights … took a very long walk … journeyed to Belleville to bless the new home of Fr Dale and Deacon Jody Coleman, and hang out with people from St George’s. Tomorrow my vacation beings–much-needed, I might say. We’ll be visiting friends and family on the west coast, attending a family wedding in Milwaukee, and hanging out at home: reading, resting, and taking care of the sort of projects that don’t get gotten to under ordinary circumstances. May take in a Cubs game or two at some...

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Friday (St Dominic)

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Final prep for Diocesan Council Mass. Conferred with the Archdeacon on a couple of administrative matters regarding property in two of our parishes. Presided and preached at the 10am Council liturgy, keeping the lesser feast of St Dominic. Presided at the quarterly meeting of Diocesan Council. It took two hours, but this is the one where we have vigorous discussion of the draft budget, and today’s was particularly wide-ranging and candid. I mean all that in a good way. Pre-arranged meeting with Fr Bruce...

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Thursday (John Mason Neale)

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Customary Thursday morning workout–weights and treadmill. While organizing my tasks over breakfast, took a phone call from the Vice-Chair of the Nashotah trustees. Morning Prayer in the car while driving in to the office (memorized short form, of course). Sent an email to a colleague bishop over a Nashotah-related matter. Reviewed and commented on some proposed “branding” ideas for the diocese. It’s time to unify and freshen up our logo and related graphic protocols. Developed, refined, and printed a working text of a...

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Devotions in the cathedral; Morning Prayer in the office. Prepared to preside and preach at the midday Mass. Took care of three hanging pastoral/administrative concerns via email. Attended a regular monthly meeting of clergy associated with St Paul’s Cathedral (Interim Provost Tucker, Archdeacon Denney, Fr Franklin, Fr Stormer, Deacon Bradley, Deacon Raschke). Refined and printed a working text of a homily Proper 15 (at St Timothy’s, Salem, OR, while on vacation later this month). Took a walk around two blocks. Presided and...

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Weekly task planning over breakfast at home. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Having heard that my new YFNBmobile will be read for delivery tomorrow, I retrieved the title to the current model from the safe. Briefed the Archdeacon on my weekend activities. First meeting with a potential aspirant to Holy Orders. Took a walk around the block. Responded via email to an invitation for a speaking/preaching gig outside the diocese. Began work on refining the text of my homily for the feast of St Mary the Virgin, at St Timothy’s, Salem,...

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Woke up (as planned!) in a Mt Vernon hotel room. Gassed up and headed down I-57 to Marion, and then west in IL13 to Carterville, where I had a 10am rendezvous with Mother Kathryn Jeffrey, rector of St Andrew’s-Carbondale-with-St James-Marion, Trish Guyon, a long-time parishioner and leader at St Andrew’s, along with a local real estate agent. We looked at a piece of property that may have some good potential as a site for combining and replanting both of the churches already named. A number of current unknowns will need to align...

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Friday (St Joseph of Arimathea)

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Played with hot wax: sealed one ordination certificate (Ben Hankinson) and two Letters of Institution (Ben Hankinson tonight, Beth Maynard on October 18). Reviewed and signed a letter dissolving St James’, Marion as an organized mission, and redesignating it as a chapel of St Andrew’s, Carbondale. Chose the liturgical occasion (Votive for the Unity of the Church), readings, hymns, and service music for the synod Mass on October 10. Made incremental progress troubleshooting an issue related to the...

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Thursday (St Ignatius Loyola)

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Customary Thursday morning weight and treadmill workout. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Replied substantively to three emails of a pastoral/administrative nature (a parish in transition, a canonically-mandated appointment I need to make, a personnel matter). Took a walk around the block. Turned my attention to my sermon for the feast of St Mary the Virgin, August 15,, for which I will be guest preacher (while on vacation) at St Timothy’s in Salem, OR. Lunch from Taco Gringo, eaten at home. Had a substantive video interview with a...

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Wednesday (William Wilberforce)

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Usual AM routine. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared for celebrating and preaching at the midday Mass. Put some substantial meet on the bones of a homily for Proper 15, which I will deliver (while on vacation!) at St Timothy’s, Salem, OR, the parish from which I went to seminary 28 years ago. Began the process of clearing and culling a prodigious amount of hard copy materials that have been accumulating on my desk. Met for the better part of an hour with Deb Tucker in her capacity as head of the diocesan Cursillo secretariat. I...

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Tuesday (Ss Mary & Martha)

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Weekly task planning at home over tea and breakfast. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Nailed down (via email) the recruitment of a new historiographer for the diocese (a canonical position). Spoke by phone with a priest of the diocese regarding a financial/administrative matter in his parish. Arranged (via email) a meetup on Saturday with Fr James Muriuki, the new priest-in-charge at Redeemer, Cairo. Attended a two-hour meeting of the Finance Committee of the diocese–an annual event in which we midwife the draft budget for the next...

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