Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal


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Usual morning Nashotah routine through breakfast (with Fr Philip Cunningham delivering a most excellent homily on Christian unity at the Mass). Then it was time to prepare for presiding at the 10:30am academic convocation, during which it was my duty to confer four honorary doctorates … in flawless Latin, of course. Of of these was to a long time friend, Canon David Seger, who was the deployment officer at the House at the time I graduated in 1989, but who has myriad other stellar accomplishments. It was a joy. After visiting with...

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St James of Jerusalem

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Same morning chapel routine as yesterday … met with the Nominating Committee of the board over breakfast … plenary session reconvened at 9:30 … very intense, sometimes difficult, but ultimately productive work, with a quick break for lunch and individual publicity photos for the Nashotah website, until we recessed for Evening Prayer and Solemn Eucharist at 4:30, during which time, among other things, we heard a search committee report, negotiated an agreement, and elected the 20th Dean and President of the seminary. Not bad...

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Morning Prayer and Mass with the Nashotah community … breakfast in the refectory … conferred informally with various trustees as the morning progressed and committee meetings got underway … sat in for a bit with the Audit Committee, then with the Institutional Vitality Committee … lunch off campus (because it was grilled cheese in the refectory, which does not comport with the strict diet I’m four weeks into … convened the full board of trustees at 1:30 and adjourned at 4:20 … Evensong in the chapel...

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Up, out, and headed north a little past 8am. Arrived on campus at Nashotah House around 1:30. Checked in at the Dean’s office, conversed with some fellow trustees, sat in on a retreat address (the students are in silence while we’re here, which is a little awkward/weird) from Bishop Michael Marshall (one of my favorites), got settled in my lodging (third floor of Webb Hall, aka “the Fort”), walked to the chapel for Evensong, waked to the deanery for cocktails with Dean Salmon, three other trustees, and the Academic...

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The Lord’s Day (XIX Pentecost)

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Preached and celebrated at both regular Masses at Emmanuel–8:00 and 10:30. Met for about 30 minutes with the confirmands between services–two youth and four adults. I made sure they knew it wasn’t too late to back out, since publicly promising to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord is kind of a life-changing deal, but none of them did. Emmanuel always has outstanding music and well-executed liturgy; it’s a tonic to my soul. After the liturgy we were treated to a Mexican lunch by uber-deacon Chris Hopkins and her husband...

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St Luke

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Up and out and headed ahead in time for a 10:30am arrival at Emmanuel, Champaign, where we proceeded to duly celebrate the new ministry of their rector, the Revd Beth Maynard. After the reception, I attended the regular October meeting of Emmanuel’s vestry, and took the opportunity to develop with them what a Canon for Mission Development might accomplish, both both Emmanuel and for the whole diocese. Brenda and I then checked into our hotel, enjoyed a little down time, and then met Beth and her husband, Mark Dirksen, for dinner in...

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Friday (St Ignatius of Antioch)

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Got to work writing a post-synod reflection for the website–and eventually for our print product, the Springfield Current. This took me right up to noon, but the work was interrupted twice for important and substantive conversations, one with the Archdeacon and one with the Interim Provost. The usual vague subject category applies: “administrative and pastoral issue” (where one is found, the other is usually not far away). Lunch at home–microwaved Indian food. Reviewed and approved a...

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Thursday (Oxford Martyrs)

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Customary Thursday workout: weights and treadmill. Morning Prayer at home. Got back to work on master sermon planning from Advent until Lent. This is time-consuming because it involves rifling through old material (the advantage of preaching as long as I have is that I have lots of old material for most any liturgical occasion) and discerning whether it can be taken out of storage and refitted, or whether I need to start from scratch. The task took me almost until noon. Attended to some irksome and petty requests from the company with whom I...

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Wednesday (St Teresa of Avila)

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared for my regular Wednesday midday Mass duty. Refined and printed my homily for Saturday’s institution of the Revd Beth Maynard as rector of Emmanuel, Champaign. Spoke by phone with a consultant to the Nashotah House board of trustees. Attended the regular monthly meeting a clergy associated with the cathedral. We mostly just “waste time,” but I mean that in a good way. Simply maintaining relationships bears fruit in the long term. Celebrated and preached the Mass for the lesser feast...

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Tuesday (Samuel Isaac Joseph Schereshrewsky)

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Between incoming phone calls, impromptu confabs, and other distractions, Morning Prayer got lost in the shuffle. Doesn’t happen often, thankfully. Conferred with the Treasurer and the Archdeacon over an administrative/financial matter. Took a call from a priest outside the diocese who is interested in exploring deployment possibilities within the diocese. Dealt with some administrative matters and appointment requests via email. Placed an order by phone for a new zucchetto (the purple skullcap I wear when vested). Those things are tiny...

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