Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal

Saturday (Ss Joachim & Anne)

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Indulged in a slow start to the morning … weights and treadmill … routine financial chores … read …. ran out for a printer cartridge … wrestled with a recalcitrant wireless printer (oh, yes, victory was mine in the end) … processed a few emails … packed and hit the road after supper for Effingham, about 60% of the way to Mt Carmel, where my visitation tomorrow is to the Eucharistic Community of St John the Baptist.

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St James

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Up and away from the greater Nashotah House area by around 8am. KFC lunch in Bloomington. Pulled into the office parking lot right at 1. Brenda drove her own car (left there on Wednesday) home and I stayed. Processed some emails (as always). Took my sermon for Proper 13 (next weekend in Marion) from rough outline to rough draft. Prayed the Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary in the cathedral, with special intention for the Christians of Iraq, and all the baptized faithful who are in harm’s way because of their witness to the Risen One....

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Thursday (Thomas a Kempis)

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On campus as Nashotah House. Morning Prayer … breakfast …. time for processing emails and mentally preparing for being “interviewed” on camera as part of a fundraising and general PR video … consulted with Deacon (soon to be Father) Noah Lawson, Director of Advancement, in his office … spend an hour in the chapel in front of a video camera, first recording the aforementioned interview, then a piece directly to the Board of Trustees, to which they will al receive a private link very shortly … lunch...

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Spent the morning in the office taking care of the variety of tasks, including sermon preparation, administrative details regarding Cursillo, and correspondence with ecumenical partners. Celebrated and preached the midday cathedral Mass. Then Brenda and I hit the road for the 300 mile drive to Nashotah House. Tonight we attended a dinner in the deanery which was meant to be sort of a soft kick off to a major fundraising effort. Tomorrow I will be doing some video recording in connection with that project.

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St Mary Magdalene

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Weekly task planning at home. Small admin chore accomplished with the Treasurer. Devotions in the cathedral. Conferred with the Interim Provost regarding life at the cathedral. Morning Prayer in the office. Gave my consent to the retirement of the Bishop of Massachusetts. Exchanged emails with the Secretary of the Nashotah House board of trustees, and the chairman of the Dean Search Committee. Initiated via email discussion of two items that require Nashotah trustee approval. Spoke by phone with the chairman of the Commission on Ministry...

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The Lord’s Day (VI Pentecost)

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Still enjoying the dregs of the “summer polar vortex” (or whatever it is)–a gorgeous comfortable morning in southeastern Illinois. The regular Sunday liturgy at St Mary’s, Robinson is at 8am. We received an enthusiastic welcome from the 15 folks who gathered with us, including the infectiously vivacious pastor, Mother Ann Tofani. We enjoyed food for the soul in the church and food for the body downstairs in the parish hall afterward. We were homeward bound by 10, and, after a stop in Taylorville for a Chinese lunch,...

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Saturday (St Macrina)

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Up and out of our hotel in Lafayette, IN around 8:30 (EDT), and pointed north and east toward Warsaw, our home from mid-2007 until early 2011. We were there to attend the funeral of a beloved former parishioner, Morrey Hester. It was a joy to reconnect briefly with the people of St Anne’s, though we would have wished for different circumstances affording the opportunity. After spending a brief bit of touristy time in Winona Lake, we got back on the road for our long drive to Robinson, the site of tomorrow’s visitation to St...

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Left a voicemail regarding a pastoral matter. Took care of two small but important administrative chores in consultation with Sue. Conceived, hatched, and grew a skeleton for a homily I will deliver while on vacation–at my “home parish” (from which I went to seminary in 1986) of St Timothy’s, Salem, OR, where I will be guest preacher at their celebration of the feast of St Mary the Virgin on August 15. This stage of sermon preparation feels like giving birth (as much as I would know of...

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Regular Thursday weight and treadmill workout before breakfast. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Took care of two relatively small but important admin chores, one an HR issue, the other related to an upcoming ordination. Worked on my sermon for Proper 13 (first weekend in August, in Marion). Met with Jason and Lisa Cerezo, members of Emmanuel in Champaign with whom we contract for website management and publication of our quarterly Springfield Current. We discussed some potential for greater synergy between our communications platforms...

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Wednesday (Our Lady of Mt Carmel)

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Devotions in the cathedral; MP in my office. Prepped for midday Mass. Left a voicemail with a member of the Nashotah board. Revised, refined, and printed my sermon for this Sunday (St Mary’s, Robinson). Hopefully, it will still be in the back seat of my car when I reach for it. Still don’t know what happened to last Sunday’s. Wrote an email to one of our seminarians, addressing some pertinent questions he had previously inquired about. Got to work drafting a text for a video presentation I will be recording next week at...

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