Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal

Thursday (O Adonai)

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Customary Thursday morning weights and treadmill. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Reviewed and tweaked a draft of this Sunday’s bulletin at St Barnabas’, Havana. Reviewed (and responded to) via email an issue pertaining to my membership on the Living Church Foundation. Reviewed via email an administrative issue raised by a priest of the diocese. Developed and fleshed out the pre-existing bare bones of a homily for Christmas Eve. Turned them into a rough draft ready for refinement next week. Appointed a team of priests to review...

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Wednesday (O Sapientia)

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While still at home, I plotted out the tasks involved in preparing for my now-arranged Lenten teaching series at St Michael’s, O’Fallon. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared for the midday Mass. Initiated telephone tag with another Nashotah House trustee regarding an issue of follow-through that we need to attend to. I successfully connected with him later in the day, and we have the situation in hand. Made a substantive email reply to a diocesan lay leader on a programmatic concern. We spoke by phone later in the day. Took a...

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Weekly task planning at home; Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Conferred with the Interim Provost on a range of emerging concerns. Conferred with the Archdeacon on a different range of emerging concerns. Reviewed and commented on a draft program for the ordination of Cameron Nations to the transitional diaconate on January 2. Spoke by phone at some length with the rector of Emmanuel, Champaign regarding some potential candidates for discernment toward ordination. Composed and printed a letter to C,M. Almy & Company explaining some ongoing...

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Third Sunday of Advent

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Presided and preached the 7:30 and 10:00 liturgies at St Matthew’s, Bloomington this morning. Good things happening there under the able pastoral leadership of Fr Dave Halt, with the assistance of Fr Bruce DeGooyer. It was fun to give a homily that proclaim that “we rejoice because we know that in the kingdom of God, Murphy’s Law is repealed!” Delicious Chinese lunch after coffee hour with Fr Dave and Amy, along with the Rector’s Warden and his...

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Saturday (St Lucy)

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Relaxation … reading … exercise … household puttering … email processing … dinner at Red Lobster on our way to Bloomington, where we are now camped out ahead of tomorrow visitation to St Matthew’s.

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Friday (Our Lady of Guadalupe)

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Usual weekday routine; MP in the cathedral. Conferred with the Interim Provost in his office on a range of matters. Conferred for a bit with the Archdeacon on a different range of matters. Utilized his notary status to execute some documents in connection with a real estate financing transaction one of our parishes in engaging in. Had a surprisingly positive telephone customer service interaction with United Airlines, whereby they rectified the problem caused by my inability to distinguish between AM and PM when booking air travel, and made...

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Back now from my retreat, and re-entering the grid. It was exactly what I needed it to be–the right balance of praying, walking, reading, reflecting, writing, and sleeping. I’m very grateful to the monks of St Gregory’s Abbey in Three Rivers, Michigan for their hospitality.

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Second Sunday of Advent

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Very little pumps me up more than presiding at Holy Baptism. We had four at St Andrew’s, Carbondale this morning, plus six confirmations, and about 80 people (by my count) in the room (which is really good for that parish). And I did NOT lower the average age when I walked in. Not even close. Kudos to their rector, Mother Kathryn Jeffrey for “bringing in the sheaves.” The morning was capped off by a hospital visit to the seriously ill grandfather of one of the baptizands. What a blessing. I’ve got some personal...

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Saturday (St Nicholas)

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Leisurely Saturday morning, just hanging out with Brenda, cruising social media, reading the morning office, and eventually getting around to a weight and treadmill workout. A little reading, recreational organ playing, light email processing, and packing in the afternoon. A couple of minutes past 3pm and we were out the door headed for Carbondale. We arrived at the home of super-hostess Trish Guyon right at our 6:15 target time. Enjoyed a fabulous meal and wonderful camaraderie with member of the St Andrew’s vestry and many of their...

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Friday (St Clement of Alexandria)

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Conceived and hatched a homily for the ordination of Cameron Nations to the transitional diaconate on January 2. Checked in with the Parish Administrator at Emmanuel, Champaign regarding the program for said ordination, and left a voicemail with the rector on a couple of other concerns. Arranged for a modest contribution from my discretionary fund to the College for Bishops. Developed and made appropriate notes on a strategy for recruiting vocations to ordained diaconal ministry in the diocese. We have some...

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