Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal


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Weekly task planning at home. (65 candidates on this week’s list–some large, some small.) Short confabs with the Archdeacon and the Administrator. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Registered online for meals and lodging for the Nashotah board meeting and academic convocation about three weeks hence. Spoke by phone was a fellow Nashotah trustee, who happens to chair our search committee for a new dean and president. Spoke by phone with the rector of Emmanuel, Champaign, whose new ministry we are celebrating on St Luke’s Day...

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The Lord’s Day (XVI Pentecost)

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Since my usual “work” for the weekend took place yesterday, I got to live like the heathen today. Slept in, took a long walk in the morning. Watched a little baseball. Took care of some personal chores. Spent about three hours in the evening working on this blog post, addressing the heady subject of Anglican eschatology.

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Saturday (St Vincent de Paul)

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Slow morning … weights workout followed by long walk (usual four miles) … departed with Brenda at 2pm for the regular Evensong & Vigil Mass at St John’s Centralia. Joyful visit with this small congregation enjoying the expert pastoral care of Fr David Baumann. Delicious dinner and conversation. Hope around 9:30.

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Friday (Lancelot Andrewes)

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Up and out of the Hilton Garden in Champaign for an 8:30ish arrival at Emmanuel and the annual assembly of the Illinois Conference of Churches. It was good to see Deacon Chris Hopkins and Mother Beth Maynard there demonstrating great hospitality to folks as they were arriving. We had a worship service in the church (the sort of pan-mainline Protestant liturgy that sets my teeth on edge, but I survived). Now I have actually had the experience of singing a hymn that includes the phrase “greed and high prices.” What’s not to...

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Thursday (St Sergius)

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Customary Thursday morning weights and treadmill workout. Morning Prayer (memorized short form) in the car on the way in to the office. Consulted with the Archdeacon at some length over administrative issues. Drove up to St John’s Hospital to look in on a parishioner from St George’s, Belleville who just had aortic valve replacement surgery. I welcomed her to the club. Met with a locally retired priest with extensive interim ministry experience about a parish that will soon be in transition. Lunch from McD’s (still no hot...

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Wednesday (Our Lady of Walsingham)

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Task planning for the (rest of) the week at home. Only two days in the office, so some of the 39 currently active action items will get deferred. Consulted briefly with the Archdeacon over a real estate matter (the listing for the now-closed St Laurence, Effingham). Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared to preside and preach at the midday Mass (my usual Wednesday gig). The interwebs failed me in the search for appointed readings for the lesser feast of Our Lady of Walsingham. Laid out those of the Visitation as a plausible...

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Tuesday (Philander Chase)

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Last night I drove up to Joliet, and then this morning the rest of the way to the campus of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington … for a meeting with about thirty other Episcopalians! There is a program called Renewal Works that is for Episcopal congregations, but grew out of a process that was originally designed for Willow Creek. It’s under the auspices of Forward Movement, on whose board I serve, and which is dedicated to the reinvigoration of the life of the church through discipleship. Renewal Works is first an...

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The Lord’s Day (XV Pentecost)

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Up and out the door (alone this time) in time for a 10am targeted arrival at Trinity, Mt Vernon and their regular 10:30am Eucharist. All went according to plan; actually, I got there about 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Trinity has suffered the relatively unexpected death of two of their pillars in the past few weeks, and I was reminded how grateful I am that Springfield is a quite small diocese, which affords me the opportunity to develop a pastoral relationship not only with the clergy, but with the baptized faithful of the diocese, that is...

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Saturday (John Coleridge Patteson et al)

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Slow morning … weights, then a long walk … did some personal and household chores in the afternoon, took care of a couple of ministry-related dangling tasks … cooked dinner for Brenda and me (Chinese stir fry) … spend the evening on this blog post.

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Friday (St Theodore of Tarsus)

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Between me trading some emails and the Archdeacon making a phone call, we seem to have lined up Sunday supply coverage in Alton Parish for October. (Ft Boase doesn’t officially retire until the end of October, but he’ll be on, as they say in the military, “terminal leave” from the beginning of the month. Processed a couple of marginally important emails that have just been in the chute for too long. Took care of a small bit of Living Church-related business. Finally got to something...

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