Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal

Friday (St Theodore of Tarsus)

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Between me trading some emails and the Archdeacon making a phone call, we seem to have lined up Sunday supply coverage in Alton Parish for October. (Ft Boase doesn’t officially retire until the end of October, but he’ll be on, as they say in the military, “terminal leave” from the beginning of the month. Processed a couple of marginally important emails that have just been in the chute for too long. Took care of a small bit of Living Church-related business. Finally got to something...

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Thursday (Edward Bouverie Pusey)

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Customary Thursday morning weight and treadmill workout. Prayed the morning office in my car on the way in to the diocesan center. Left a voicemail message (and eventually connected with) a priest concerning a possible interim ministry assignment. Discussed some administrative (real estate) issues with the Archdeacon. Spoke by phone with the Dean of Nashotah House–mostly a routine check-in between board chairman and dean. Registered for the annual meeting of bishops of small dioceses, to be held in November in Salt Lake City. Brain...

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Wednesday (St Hildegard of Bingen)

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Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Check-in conversation with the interim provost, Fr Gene Tucker. Prepared to preside and preach at the midday Mass. Spoke by phone with the rector of one of our parishes on a couple of diverse and unrelated issues. Followed through on some Putnam Trust-related administrivia. Communicated by email with two clergy over some (unrelated) emerging pastoral concerns. Put meat on the bones of my homily for Proper 21 (St John’s, Centralia). Celebrated and preached the midday Mass, commemorating the lesser feast...

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Tuesday (St Ninian)

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Weekly/daily task planning at home. Consulted a but with the Archdeacon regarding the material detritus of the now-closed St Laurence, Effingham. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Began work on refining this Sunday’s homily (Trinity, Mt Vernon). Participated in a scheduled conference call in connection with my duties as co-trustee of the Putnam Trust, which benefits two of our parishes; the call was with representatives of the Bank of America, which is the other co-trustee, through its investment arm, U.S. Trust. Have the OK on some...

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The Lord’s Day (XIV Pentecost)

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Christ is risen … and there are still times of sadness en route to the realized fruition of that fact. Today was one of those times, as we celebrated the final Eucharist at the Church of St Laurence in Effingham. There were tears. After Mass, we loaded up the most valuable hardware, along with the parish records for the archives, into the YFNBmobile. There will be another trip in due course to deconsecrate the building, which is listed for sale. Eventually, we will replant in Effingham, but with wholly new ecclesial DNA. Brenda and I...

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Saturday (St Cyprian)

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Good weight workout and long walk after a “soft” morning. Spent most of the afternoon working on household finances. Ugh. Hit the road with Brenda at 6:00 for Effingham, where we enjoyed dinner at her favorite casual dining chain that doesn’t have a Springfield location–Ruby Tuesday. Soaking in the ambience at the Hampton Inn, where we just learned via text message that our five-year old granddaughter broke her arm (both radius and ulna) in a playground accident. Please hold Charlotte in your prayers.

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Friday (John Henry Hobart)

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Morning Prayer in my office (since the pavement between the Roundhouse and the cathedral entrance was coned off for sealing … though that project was left uncompleted because of the incipient rain). Took a phone call from a lay leader in one of our parishes, with the news she has been diagnosed with ALS. Sobering beyond words. She and those who love her are about to walk the way of the cross. I pray they indeed find it to be the way of life and peace. Took care of some Nashotah-related administrative detritus (which will be ramping up...

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Customary Thursday morning weights and treadmill. Morning Prayer at home, after which I dealt expeditiously with a couple of newly-arrived emails. Prepared the common area of the Roundhouse for an 11am gathering. Began initial work on my homily at the synod Mass next month, but then got distracted trying to chase down some anomalies in the electronic versions of the liturgy booklet that are circulating. Between 11:00am and 1:30ish I hosted and participated in a meeting of diocesan clergy who lead pastoral or program-size parishes, all in a...

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Wednesday (Alexander Crummell)

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Usual AM routine; Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared to be celebrant and preacher at the midday cathedral chapel liturgy. Regular monthly meeting with clergy associated with the cathedral. Usually not anything too substantive, but good to develop collegiality. Closed the loop that I opened yesterday with a bishop in whose diocese I have a DEPO parish. All is well, given the anomalous circumstances. First meeting with a potential aspirant for Holy Orders. Celebrated and preached the noon Mass (celebrating the lesser feast of Alexander...

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Tuesday (Martyrs of Memphis)

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Task planning for the week at home. 88 potential action items for this week. Ambitious. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Got reacquainted with my desk by sorting, culling, and otherwise processing the stack of hard-copy items (correspondence, solicitations, newsletter, etc.) that had accumulated there during my absence. In response to something in that pile, initiated a round of telephone tag with the bishop of a diocese in which I have a DEPO parish. Also discovered that there’s something wrong with our phone system and I can’t...

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