Moving Diagonally: Daily Journal


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Finished a “non-statement” about the situation in Ferguson, MO, and posted it both on my own blog and on the diocesan website. Morning Prayer in the cathedral. Prepared to celebrate the preach the midday liturgy. Got the ball rolling, by means of a fairly substantive email, on planning the liturgy for the ordination of Cameron Nations to the transitional diaconate on January 2. Brought my homily for Advent II (St Andrew’s, Carbondale) to the condition of “rough draft.” Presided and preached at the 12:15 Mass,...

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Usual AM routine; MP in the cathedral. Conferred with the Interim Provost on a range of currently active concerns. Participated via conference call in the regular quarterly meeting of the Diocesan Trustees. The call also included our investment advisor, who was calling in from home, as his office is in Clayton, MO, which was not exactly stable and safe this morning. Met with two representatives from an Ohio-based church-related capital fundraising firm, at their behest. We do have some capital needs, both at a diocesan level and in some of...

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The Lord’s Day: Christ the King

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Up and out of our Danville hotel room in time to preside and preach at the regular 9am Mass at Holy Trinity. where the liturgy is on Anglo-Catholic steroids, but at the same time is utterly unfussy and unpretentious. It is suffused with joy. Next Sunday, Fr Geoffrey Scanlon marks 27 years as priest and pastor in that community. The fruit of his ministry is amply evident. After the usual post-liturgical hearty repast, we headed west for an appointment in Champaign with a potential aspirant to ordained ministry. There seems to be an abundance...

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Morning Prayer in the office. Did some online Christmas shopping (gifts for staff). Took a phone call from one of our clergy wanting to give positive feedback and express gratitude for yesterday’s Clergy Day. Spend the rest of the morning cranking out a first draft of a policy on diaconal ministry in the Diocese of Springfield. Sent it along for comment to … our deacons, naturally. Lunch at home. Gave official notice to the Nashotah House trustees of the details for our special winter meeting in early February. Scanned and...

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Thursday (St Edmund)

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From 9:30 until 4:00, today was dedicated to a scheduled gathering of the clergy of the diocese. We had an excellent turnout of around 30, and we seriously engaged the subject of space, place, and architecture as the context for liturgy. My hope in this was that we would continue to engage liturgy–specifically, in this case, the places where liturgy happens–with informed intentionality and not merely on auto-pilot. Various presenters elucidated material from three challenging books, and discussion was lively. We concluded our time...

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Wednesday (St Elizabeth of Hungary)

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Usual task planning over breakfast at home. Prepared to celebrate and preach for the regular cathedral midday Mass. This involved moving some furniture, as we needed to be ready for the possibility of unusual numbers (see below), we Fr Tucker and prepared the portable chancel altar for use. Morning Prayer in the office. Worked on my homily for Advent Sunday (St Andrew’s, Edwardsville), taking it from developed outline to rough draft form. Attended the regular monthly meeting of clergy attached to the cathedral. Commemorated the lesser...

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Tuesday (St Hilda of Whitby)

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Weekly and daily task planning at home; MP in the car on the way in. I was under a time bind because of a scheduled 9am training session for the new telephone sets that were being delivered and installed today. But the deliverer and installer was himself running behind, so I could have read the morning office properly rather than hurriedly. Oh, well. When we finally did have our tutorial, I was encouraged that I may actually master the technique of transferring an incoming call to somebody else in the office–either to them directly or...

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The Lord’s Day (XXIV Pentecost)

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Up and out at 7:45, headed eastward toward Mattoon through a light dusting of early-season snow. Presided, preached, and confirmed three teens and one young adult at Trinity Church, which is exuding a spirit of renewed vitality under the pastoral care and leadership of Fr Jeff Kozuszek. The age range of those present was robustly encouraging. After a sumptuous post-liturgical repast, Brenda and I headed north on I-57 to Champaign, where will killed some time at the mall, racking up steps on the pedometer, downing some green tea, and rooting...

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Got to the Cathedral/Roundhouse complex around 9:30 there. Found several members of Diocesan Council already there and milling about. Presided and preached the scheduled 10am Mass. The first reading in the weekday Eucharistic lectionary was from III John, which I do not believe ever comes up on a Sunday, so it was a new experience to preach from it. Presided at the quarterly Diocesan Council meeting. It went most expeditiously, and we were wrapped up by a little past 11:30. A number of impromptu sidebar conversations always happen on these...

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Friday (Consecration of Samuel Seabury)

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Brief devotions in the cathedral (cold); Morning Prayer in the office (warm). Back to the cold cathedral chancel to help with the physical setup for tomorrow’s Diocesan Council Eucharist. Back to the office to prepare and print the lections and the Prayers of the People (and mentally conceive a homily). Met with a lay person from one of our parishes over some pastoral concerns. Lunch at home (leftovers). Stayed home to meet with a notary and sign some papers. Took care of a couple of routine monthly personal management chores. Attended...

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